HOLLYWOOD—It seems like it has been way too long, but it’s only been 4 months since Tyler Perry left audiences baffled and stunned with the mid-season finale of his hit “If Loving You is Wrong.” When we last left off, Randal was about to be hanged courtesy of Rusty and crooked cop Eddie. However, he was rescued, but not before that climatic moment involving Virginia, Alex’s baby and the murky waters.

Things picked up precisely where they left off with the episode, ‘A Neighborhood in Crisis,’ with Alex’s mother being shot by the authorities and Brad jumping into the waters to rescue the baby. Chaos was emerging as Eddie did his best to showcase he was not the enemy, while both Alex and Randal were out for his blood. The baby was recused from the cold, murky waters, thanks to Brad, just as Lushion performed CPR reviving the child.

Jesus, Eddie is a cold bastard, relishing with the prospect that a newborn child could have been killed. I CANNOT wait till the day that Eddie reaps the consequences of his actions. It was hilarious to see Eddie call out Lushion as an undercover FBI agent; you are indeed right Eddie, so you better be careful because the pieces to the puzzle are being put together to nail you to the coffin.

Lushion threw a fit with Steven about dragging their feet to bust Eddie. It was apparent Steven was concerned with busting the big fish, aka Julius and his drug cartel, but at what expense people. Kelly gave a call to Esperanza warning her that something may have transpired with Ramsey. Jeez, Tyler Perry, please stop having Esperanza and Kelly converse! Their conversations make NO SENSE and Esperanza seems so out of the loop on things that are relevant. I’m starting to wonder why her character is even still on the show, she seems to have nothing to do!

Wow, even when near death Randal showed no compassion when he tormented Alex about the death of her mother. Alex was seething mad, just as Randal wanted to play authority figure yet again. He made threats, just as Alex confirmed she was the reason that her mother received medical treatment. Back at the hospital, Natalie was relieved to hear her son Joey talk, after what seemed like an entire season in a coma. Joey repented, just as Natalie urged her son to stay calm, but he was more concerned about Faun’s circumstances.

Natalie was none too pleased to come face-to-face with Tilda who was making threats over the fact that her son was murdered. This was a catfight I was waiting to see transpire, and things will get interesting when Claudia learns what transpired to her little brother. Looks like Natalie struck a nerve, when she spoke about Tilda’s mother. Hmm, how deep does the relationship go? And just when the claws came out, Lushion intervened to stop Natalie from taking off Tilda’s wig.

Ok, Mr. Perry you are indeed making up for first half of this season which dragged horribly. Lushion dug a bit with Joey about why Quan was following Faun. The hospital is indeed getting crowded people, with the arrival of Randal and Alex, and it looks like this custody battle is about to get even uglier. Randal will NEVER learn; the only thing that will change this guy is not near death, but actual death.

Well at long last, we finally get confirmation what many “If Loving You is Wrong” fans knew at the end of season 2: Travis murdered Ramsey when he snuck into his house on that fateful night. Kelly was in tears after she spotted the coroner, which prompted Marcie and Kelly to venture outside. Kelly was a complete mess, but the look on her face seemed to convey she knew Ramsey was dead; which he is!

The teaser for the rest of this season is delivering plenty of must-see moments, and Tuesday’s guilty pleasure has returned. Until next Tuesday “If Loving You is Wrong” love-birds!