HOLLYWOOD—I was NOT happy at all with last week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong.” The idea of trying to make the audience appear as stupid as the characters does not make me a happy camper. So this week’s episode, ‘No One is Safe’ did shake things up a bit as the audience began to see the narrative begin to culminate.

Kelly was livid with the thought that the authorities suspect her as being culpable in Ramsey’s death. Finally, Kelly screamed what the audience has been saying at the TV screen for the past few weeks. This new cop seemed stiffer than I could imagine; not sure if it was just bad acting or bad dialogue. I think I’m going to go with both. Her blood boiled at the sight of Travis who showed up at the police station, playing dumb, but maybe these cops are not as stupid as we think. Perhaps they are playing a game to trap Travis at his own game.

What!? Travis seemed a bit spooked at the idea of heading to jail, after it was made clear that he better stay clear of Kelly and her son. Esperanza seemed stooped by the fact that the place where she works has so much corruption. Natalie was relieved to get a call from Joey on his current predicament. That was depressing as hell; Joey seemed hopeless and all Natalie could do was encourage her son to stay strong and fight.

Well this is an interesting development; Randal received a visit from Julius who wanted answers as to why his father cut him out of the will. Hmm, looks like Randal may have finally crossed the one person willing to teach him a lesson that he never expected. Julius inquired about Randal nearly being hanged to death; why would Randal not just spill the beans that the culprit was Eddie, a guy they both despise.

Eddie caused unnecessary stress with Brad by accusing Lushion of not only being a FBI agent, but accusing him of sleeping with Alex (jeez, Louise, Lushion and Alex are NOT having sex). Things only got tenser with the sudden arrival of Alex. For once, someone shut up Eddie and forced him to realize not everything is about him. After all the pain and hurt, these two are able to have a cordial conversation, I can’t believe it. The situation was made worse, by Edward storming back into the office yet again, but this time with Marcie in tow.

Marcie sure knows how to push Alex’s buttons, but Marcie danced around the issue of her pregnancy. Interesting that Alex didn’t drop that bomb on her former lover. Just when I expected this little secret to surface, it looks like it’s going to drag a bit longer people. Pete was worried with the news that Andrew is missing and that Edward was responsible for the rookie cop disappearing. Lushion dropped a bomb on Pete that the FBI may already be onto the fact that dirty dealings have been transpiring in the department for years.

Pete was stunned that the tape with Eddie is still missing, and Pete was ready to spill the beans to the FBI. Hmm, I’m wondering why in the hell was Lushion not more vocal in pushing his pal to reveal the truth. The conversation was further complicated when Lushion discovered that Ben is working alongside Eddie. Really Lushion, these are details as a FBI agent you should already know.

Marcie was not pleased to see Randal stop by her new place stirring up trouble per usual. Loved it, loved hearing Marcie poke at Randal, the guy absolutely deserved it. It was apparent Marcie certainly knows how to get underneath Randal’s skin. Even Marcie laughed at the gossip that Randal dropped about Lushion possibly being the father of Alex’s baby.

The final moments of the episode culminated with Kelly getting a flat tire and to no surprise Travis was hiding in her trunk. He viciously attacked her and made threats, as she screamed for help. Jeez, Travis is literally loco people, not sane, definitely crazy. So with next week being the penultimate episode before the season finale, I’m hoping things are spiced up just a bit more. Until next Tuesday “If Loving You is Wrong” love-birds!