HOLLYWOOD HILLS—Rapper Mac Miller was charged with two counts of DUI on Tuesday, August 21, following his car crash in May.

On May 17, Miller was out driving with two passengers in the Hollywood Hills area when he crashed his 2016 G-Wagon into a utility pole at around 1 a.m., TMZ was first to break the story. Following the crash, Miller and his friends fled on foot to the rapper’s home. Authorities were able to run the plates of the damaged vehicle and arrested Miller at his home, following a confession from the musician.

He was taken into custody for hit-and-run and driving under the influence. He was held on a $15,000 bail and was released a couple hours later. The hit-and-run charges were dropped, but the rapper was charged by the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office with two counts of DUI for driving under and the influence and driving with a BAC over 0.08.

This is not Miller’s first run-in with the law, back in 2011 he was arrested in New York for possession of marijuana. The case was later settled in court. If Miller is convicted, he could face a jail sentence of up to 6 months and a fine of $1,000.

Miller, 26, real name is Malcolm McCormick, and he started rapping when he was 14 years old. He released his first album “But My Mackin Aint Easy” in 2007. On August 3, 2018, the rapper released his fifth studio album titled “Swimming.”