STUDIO CITY—On Wednesday, August 5, the Los Angeles County Police Department (LAPD) held a press conference to announce that a man has been arrested on suspicion of leaving Molotov cocktails on the Metro Red Line.

On July 29, the suspect called the FBI to say he was being stalked by several different street gangs. He claimed to have “pipe bombs” that he planned to use to protect his family. The call was investigated as a potential threat and the following day Metro security found a bag containing three Molotov cocktails on the red line platform.

Upon further investigation, authorities discovered that an anonymous caller had contacted 911 earlier in the day to inform authorities that he saw someone place a brown paper bag containing bombs on the red line platform. The caller was the same individual who had contacted the FBI about the street gangs.

Frederick Brown, a parolee with a long criminal history, admitted to placing the bag on the platform and was arrested on Monday, August 2. Brown was also wanted for a parole violation at the time of the arrest.

The contents of the bottles are still being investigated.