HOLLYWOOD—I must admit I did NOT see that twist coming on the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful.” What am I referring to? The bomb that was dropped last week when Finn revealed to Steffy that he is adopted! I will admit I did NOT see that coming from a million miles away. We knew Jack and Li, Finn’s parents were coming to town, but the audience was not clued into that slight twist people. Jack comes across as an astute businessman, while Li is an accomplished doctor, which would immediately explain Finn’s career choice and focus on his work instead of love life.

Steffy was not stunned by Finn’s admission, but she was surprised to hear it, but it was Jack’s response that caught my eye. He knows something big, he is keeping a secret and has been dancing about rather to share that detail with Finn and Steffy? C’mon what is this big secret Jack is keeping? Does he know Finn’s actual birth parents, which makes me wonder if Finn’s mom and dad could be someone we’ve already met on the soap? Start thinking America because I know the guesses as to who his parents could be are running rampant right now.

All this news is coming out as Steffy and Finn prepare for their impending nuptials. I mean Steffy is actually asking Hope (her one-time nemesis) to be her Maid of Honor. Yeah, it is surprising, but tells me more than anything that Steffy doesn’t have many close girlfriends. Perhaps the writers can change that introduce a new character or two for fun for Steffy. Everything does not have to revolve around the Forrester, Logan, and Spencer families. Let us have some new blood people.

Ridge is ecstatic about Steffy’s impending wedding, as our Katie and Brooke. I think for all of them it officially means the END of the Liam, Steffy and Hope ongoing love triangle for the past decade or more America. Thank you “B&B” Gods because we needed this to officially happen.

Monday’s episode dropped even more clues about Finn’s past because someone received that email about Steffy and Finn’s impending wedding and honed in on that picture of Finn. Could it be Finn’s real mom or dad? I mean when Ridge mentioned Taylor’s name and Jack uttered something I got a weird vibe people. Something is telling me Jack might know more about the Forrester family than just purchasing a dress for his wife people.

He is indeed keeping a whopper and it played out this week as Steffy and Finn got ready to tie the knot, with an unexpected wedding crasher, a woman to say the least. I know what so many of you all are thinking: could it be the nefarious Quinn Fuller or Sheila Carter as Finn’s birth mom? That revelation came to light as the wedding crasher made their presence very known by the end of the week and let’s say it was nice to have the audience scream at the TV for once.