UNITED STATES—It is September 16, approximately 52 days out from the November 8, 2022, General Election. Whether you are one to believe that the state of California, which was a historically red, or Republican state, has turned blue, or if you believe that the Democrat party cheated their way into office, the tide could be changing.

The Republican’s led Proposition 187, “Save Our State,” initiative that denied public services to non-citizens along with California’s demographics taken the blame for California turning blue.

One would have to be xenophobic, (holding a dislike or prejudice against people from other countries) to believe that California’s population being 50 percent Asian, and Hispanic would be the cause for the change in leadership.

The California Democrat Rudy Salas is running for Congress to represent California’s 22nd District. Salas has been called the “anti-tax Democrat,” by his peers. The truth is that Salas has personally voted in favor of 38 tax hikes equaling $7.1 Billion in taxes.

Governor Newsom With Kamala Harris

California Governor Gavin Newsom pledged to make California become the first state to go to all electric cars. California does not have enough power to withstand this many electric vehicles. The state has gone at least 10-days-straight with power outages, and blackouts due to the additional electricity overwhelming the grid.

It is rumored that Governor Newsom is the Democrats choice for President in 2024.

In a recent discussion among Democrats, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) shared his prediction of the outcome of the 2022 election indicating his belief that Democrats would likely win the Senate majority, however Republicans had a 60 percent chance of taking back the House.

Senator Schumer personally donated $5 million to the Democrat Senate Committee.

Polls indicate in the general election the Republican party will regain control of both the House and the Senate. The question is once Republicans regain control, what will become of the relics?

Speaker Pelosi

There has been much speculation regarding the possibility of Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) turning over the gavel to a Republican. Pelosi, 82, has not confirmed that she will run for election again. When asked she said, “First we win, then we decide.”

Speaker Pelosi is currently traveling to Armenia with fellow California Democrat Jackie Speier to show support for their country. This is Pelosi’s final trip on America’s dime prior to election day.

Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) is on the ballot for 2022. If she does not win this time around, she could still finish on top as the most recent recipient of the Lighthouse Legacy award.

Senator Dianne Feinstein, 89, is currently serving a term that does not end until January 3, 2025.

With the mass exodus of political leaders and members of Congress leaving the Democrat party, California may get some color back in its cheeks.

While some people believe that the Dems have legitimately led California the last few years, others know when the silent majority has finally had enough, California will show its true colors.