MALIBU — In tandem with Los Angeles County, Malibu has announced the start of phase 3 of quarantine. Gyms, day camps, museums, spectator free sports, and more may reopen as announced in a June 12 statement.

Described as “the most comprehensive reopening since strict public health guidelines were put in place in March,” phase 3 also reduces social gathering order. The city of Malibu indicated that those who do not live together are now allowed to gather for the activities permitted by entering phase 3 while following public health guidelines.

Entering phase 3 allows for seven new sectors to reopen beginning June 12.

  • Music, film, and television production
  • Day camps
  • Fitness facilities and gyms
  • Museums, galleries, botanical gardens, zoos, aquariums, and other similar exhibition spaces
  • Professional sports without spectators
  • Campgrounds, RV parks, and associated outdoor activities
  • Hotels, motels, shared rental units, and similar facilities for tourism and individual travel

The order comes with public health measures for all newly allowed businesses and activities. All people must still comply with social distancing guidelines and wear a mask when in contact with anyone in a private or public location. All businesses must comply with LA County public health measures to reopen.

The city of Malibu said in their statement that visiting a museum, working out in a gym, or camping will feel very different as they open in the coming weeks. In all situations, visitors and staff will be required to wear face masks, practice social distancing, and are asked to stay home if not feeling well. Capacity will be limited at all newly opened activities and cleaning with disinfectants will occur regularly.

The order is intended to, “ensure that County residents remain in their residence as much as practicable, to limit close contact with others outside their household in both indoor and outdoor spaces.” The city of Malibu notes all who can work remotely should continue to do so.

Although many activities are now eligible to reopen, phase 3 has still ordered a select few businesses to stay closed. Nail salons, tattoo shops, bars and wineries, movie theatres, all live performance venues, stadiums, arenas, gaming facilities, theme parks, and festivals will all remain closed for the time being.

The press release notes that Los Angeles County still does not allow public or private gatherings, except for activities expressed in phase 3, public protests, and faith-based services.

If Los Angeles County’s rate of infection or any other metric regarding the spread of COVID-19 threatens the capacity of the healthcare system, future reopening may be limited, and already opened sectors may close.

Phase 3 is the second to last phase of California’s COVID-19 response. Phase 4 will mark the end of the stay at home order and the reopening of large venues. To read California’s plan in more detail click here.

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