MALIBU—The battle between Malibu homeowners with property on the beach and the public continues. Public access to beaches in Malibu has been an issue for residents and beachgoers for years.

Some homeowners are taking illegal measures against the public to prevent them from visiting the beaches.

Owners of homes near beaches have started to hire their own private security in order to prevent the public accessing the beaches behind their homes. Some beachgoers have been told by private security guards they were trespassing on private property and were asked to leave. Those who did not leave were threatened with a police call and a possible fine.

Such actions are in violation of the California Coastal Act of 1976. The act states that the area between the water line and the high tide is technically public property. Homeowners, along with private security have placed signs reading “Private Property.” Traffic cones have also been used to prevent public parking.