MALIBU—The Malibu thrift shop on Cross Creek Road, The Artifac Tree, has been given a 60-day eviction notice by the Mariposa Land Company. They must vacate by August 15.

The shop opened in the 1970s, to help victims during the Malibu fires who lost everything. Items sold range from designer wedding dresses to coffee tables, surfboards, work shoes and vinyl record albums. For years, the proceeds of the store have gone to help those in need.

They have helped paid for drug rehabilitation, bus passes, gas money, shoes, clothes, and even helped the homeless find homes. The store employs handicapped, homeless and student employees, and others who have difficulty finding jobs.

Martha Templeton, started out as a volunteer in 2003 before she was promoted to manager in 2008. “The way I see it, it’s almost like a recycling of love,” Templeton told KCAL 9, “underneath these trees and underneath all this shade, it’s a special place.”

Malibu Thrift shop, The Artifac Tree

Although Templeton’s name is often associated with the shop, she insists that it is not a one-woman show. “If the community doesn’t donate, the tree cannot function,” she said, “the community needs us because there are people in need.”

Mayor Pro Tem Laura Rosenthal urged people in the community during Monday night’s City Council meeting to help out. “If you’re interested in saving this, I would go into Martha and see what you can do. It’s a really important place and it’s been here for many, many years.”

Business will operate as normal until Templeton finds a new location for the shop.