WEST HOLLYWOOD—The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department arrested a man over the weekend in West Hollywood for impersonating a police officer. Dennis Meade aka as Dennis Kyocera was arrested on Friday, July 22, on the city’s Eastside.

According to reports, he attempted to pull over another driver while acting like a police officer while driving an unmarked SUV with flashing lights and a siren near Santa Monica Boulevard near Gardner Street.

According to Wehoville, Meade’s Facebook page lists himself as Vice President of sales for All City Wireless and director of security for Tiger Heat Worldwide. He utilizes the Twitter tag @ShrfDennis, and he has been known to retweet posts from the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department.

He recently posted a tweet that read, “Is it bad when getting ready for work you add both hard and soft trauma plates to your vest? Nice to work in @LAPDHollywood Division again.”

Meade tweeted on July 9, “Always good to see old friends @lapd2014 and @LAPDHollywood on duty. We stand strong together. #BackTheBlue.”

The suspect was charged with a misdemeanor for impersonating a police officer, a felony for illegal possession of a firearm, and a misdemeanor of carrying a concealed weapon. He also was charged with carrying pepper spray, which is a crime because he had been previously convicted of a felony.