STUDIO CITY–On Thursday January, 30 tiger cub owner, Nicholas Perkins, 33 was placed on a three year probation period for illegal possession and mistreatment of the wild animal. The news was announced in a press release by Los Angeles District Attorney Mike Feuer.

The cub known by the name Neil was spotted in a video by celebrity YouTuber Logan Paul. The video shows Paul rubbing the tiger’s belly. Meanwhile, Paul’s small dog, Kong was also present in the video among the cub. The two animals were captured chasing each other around in the yard. The dog cries after the baby tiger paws on him.

The video was viewed 8.6 million times on Paul’s Youtube channel.

“We should never allow any animal to be exploited. The defendant’s conduct here is illegal and flaunting this treatment of an exotic, endangered baby tiger on social media sent a horrible message that behavior like this is OK. It isn’t,” Feuer explained in a public statement Thursday.

According to court reports Perkins has been ordered to pay $3,900 in fine to the city of Los Angeles. The California Department Of Fish and Wildlife will receive $2,000 from Perkins. Records also indicate he has to pay $52,000 in veterinary treatments for seizing the cub.

Further penalties includes attending 16 hours of animal cruelty classes order by the City Of Los Angeles.