Tag: animal abuse

Dog Abusing CEO Could Be Charged With Penal Code 597(a)

SANTA MONICA— The CEO caught abusing his four month old puppy Bici on September 4, is under investigation for violation of Penal Code 597(a)...

Santa Monica CEO Being Investigated For Animal Cruelty

SANTA MONICA—A Los Angeles CEO is being accused of animal cruelty after video shows a man beating a dog inside an elevator in a...

Man Convicted For Possession Of Tiger Cub

STUDIO CITY–On Thursday January, 30 tiger cub owner, Nicholas Perkins, 33 was placed on a three year probation period for illegal possession and mistreatment...

Dog Clinging To Life At Local Animal Shelter

SHERMAN OAKS—Ollie, an 8-year old cocker spaniel was surrendered to The Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks on Friday, March 8. Ollie is being treated...

Non-Profit Plans Protest In Front Of Gelson’s

SHERMAN OAKS—Last Chance for Animals, a non-profit which aims to end animal exploitation, will stage a protest against rabbit torture in front of Gelson’s...

Charleston Animal Mutilation Suspect Arrested

WARNING: Article contains disturbing images. CHARLESTON, NORTH CAROLINA—The discovery of Caitlyn, a brown Staffordshire terrier who was found on the doorstep of her former owner's...
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