WEST HOLLYWOOD—On Monday, November 2 at approximately 2:52 p.m. a Caucasian male was pronounced dead on the corner of 9200 block and Doheny Road in West Hollywood the LA County Department of Medical Examiner-Corner Sarah Ardalani confirmed to Canyon News.

The individual appeared to have jumped off the balcony of the 27 floor of the multi-million dollar listing Sierra Towers. Paul Robbins was viewing the $4.8 million listing when the real estate agent turned his back, Robbins climbed over the balcony and jumped to his death.

“The realtor spent five-plus minutes trying to talk the man down, but he had clearly made up his mind. While pleading with the man to come back in, the realtor was trying to contact building security; but 30 seconds after staff entered the apartment, the man jumped,” LA County Sheriff Homicide Detective Steve Blagg told TooFab. He added, “The death was definitely a suicide, as the 75-year-old victim had left a note at his home, some six miles away.”

Dr. Nguyen, the deputy medical examiner declared the cause of of death as a result of blunt force injuries. No other causes were found in an email received by Canyon News from the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s Office.

Multiple guests living within residence say they saw the aftermath of the body on the concrete.

Jack Charney is the architect that inspired the mid-century modern-day design. With the apartments location being on a hill it makes it the highest building above sea level within Los Angeles County.

Notable celebrities including Cher, Elton John, David Geffen, Kelly Osbourne and a host of others have lived inside the building, Page Six noted.