SHERMAN OAKS—Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation founder, Marc Ching, pleaded no contest in a veterinary malpractice case on August 3. Ching is being charged for practicing without a license. 

The case was brought against Ching after a Los Angeles Times investigation revealed practices at his pet store and charity. The California Veterinary Medical Board requested an undercover operation conducted by the Department of Consumer Affairs Division of Investigation. 

Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer said in a statement, “Just as you wouldn’t want an unlicensed doctor providing medical treatment to you or a loved one, the unlicensed practice of veterinary medicine is just as serious an issue for our beloved animals.”

The Los Angeles prosecutors alleged that Ching endangered the lives of sick pets by encouraging their owners to treat them with herbs and diet regimens instead of traditional medicine. 

Another Los Angeles Times investigation revealed that Indonesian butchers accused Ching of paying them to torture and brutally murder several dogs, which he used as footage in campaigns against dog abuse. Ching denied the accusations. 

He was also charged with several misdemeanors in November 2020, which included false advertising of food products, processing, packing, and preparing meat products without a license and selling adulterated and misbranded food.

Ching has been sentenced to a 12-month summary probation and ordered to pay a $1,000 fine plus penalty assessments. He also agreed not to make false statements such as pet food being “organic” without proper certifications.