UNITED STATES—I truly love the last two weeks of March leading into the first week of April. Why? It is official people; March Madness is underway. There is something about NCAA Basketball that is just a thrill to watch. We get to see teams who rarely get a shot at the opportunity to face off against teams who are considered titans, and we see time and time again some of those titans dethroned.

There were some surprises, oh, there were some surprises to say the least. Let’s get it out the way: the four top seeds are UConn, University of Houston, Purdue and the North Carolina Tar Heels. I think this is accurate, but with the West Region there is a bit of discussion that can be had on the #1 seed. Many are predicting UConn to make it to the Final Four once again, and it’s very likely. They are indeed one of the best teams in the country, but upsets can always happen in the Tourney which makes it fun.

I don’t think Purdue makes it to the Final Four, so many analysts are saying otherwise, but this team is very beatable, as the Big Ten Tournament proved. They defeated the Michigan State Spartans by a mere five points to advance, but it was Wisconsin that eliminated those titans including big guy Zach Edey. Purdue can be stopped and the Big Ten Tournament proved it.

So what are some teams to watch out for as March Madness kicks off with Play-In games on Tuesday? Well, I think Iowa State is definitely a dangerous team who while a #2 seed could be a tough opponent for UConn. Auburn is another team to watch out for in the East Region. Moving to the South Region, I like the Oakland Grizzlies. They haven’t been to the big dance since 2011 and they are quite hungry to say the last and #3 seeded Kentucky will not be easy, but I think there could be an upset there.

I do love Houston in that South region, but they might face a battle with Wisconsin who almost took out Illinois during the Ben Ten Championship Game on Sunday. And we cannot forget about Marquette either. They are a #2 seed for a reason; they’re quite lethal to say the least. Let’s give Purdue a round of applause for getting one of the easier brackets to potentially make it to the Final Four. If they face any tough battles it could be a result of McNeese, which is very underestimated, but with a 30 plus win season, they are not to be messed around with and they’re going to get an opportunity to prove that.

I also love the Oregon Ducks in that region, and I think Creighton and Tennessee could be formidable foes. Kansas is battling some injuries despite being a #4 seed. They have to play top tier basketball to make a deep run. I think the West Region is a very interesting one. Look the UNC Tar Heels is synonymous with March Madness, but while a #1 seed, I don’t think they’re making the Final Four. New Mexico is a dangerous one at a #11 seed, and Arizona is a titan as a #2 seed that I think is going to make an impressive run. I think Baylor at a #3 seed and Alabama as a #4 seed are also potent teams to watch out for, but how far they make it is all dependent on the first round where plenty of people will see their brackets busted.

Then we have my Michigan State Spartans making their 26th consecutive appearance in the NCAA Tourney. There was plenty of discussion on whether the Spartans would have to deal with a play-in game to make the Big Dance after an up and down season, but nope, they’re a #9 seed and will battle Mississippi State. Coach Tom Izzo knows what to do to get his players to play at their best when it comes to March Madness. Do I think they can beat Mississippi State? Yes, but the Tar Heels who have been a constant thorn for the Spartans in previous years. If they can take care of those Tar Heels, then the West Region becomes quite interesting, so don’t count Sparty out just yet.

So, who are my Final Four that is tough, it really is because something about this year’s Tournament just feels like a lot of upsets are coming our way, upsets that people can’t imagine. UConn is definitely going to be there from the East, if there is an upset, then look at Iowa State. For the South, I think Houston falls short, and I think the team to do it will be Wisconsin or James Madison. Yes, a #12 seed sounds crazy, but I’ve seen wilder things.

In the Midwest, Purdue has seen plenty of debacles by losing to a #16 and #15 seed in the Tournament in the last two years. Tennessee and Oregon are ones to watch. Then we have the West, and I like Arizona, I just do. Yes, I’m rooting for my Spartans, but they just haven’t been playing at their absolute best, but they might prove me wrong. With that said, I have UConn, Tennessee, Arizona and Wisconsin as your Final Four. Who wins after that, I’m not ready yet to make that prediction. Let’s just see where things land.

Written By Davy Jones