UNITED STATES—It was a weekend of surprises, upsets, stunners and devastating losses as the first weekend of March Madness that started with 64 teams has been diminished to a mere 16. Yes, we have our Sweet 16 as we go into the second week for March Madness. So who are the Sweet 16 teams playing for a chance at the Final Four?

We have Alabama, University of North Carolina, Clemson, Arizona, Illinois, Iowa State, San Diego St., UConn, Creighton, Tennessee, Gonzaga, Purdue, North Carolina State, Marquette, Duke and James Madison. Let’s just talk about the bracket busters from last week because there were indeed upsets.

BYU found themselves knocked out by a #11 seed that no one expected in a close game, as was the stunner of Yale taking out #4 seeded Auburn in a riveting finish and then there was James Madison taking out Big Ten titan Wisconsin, who had just vied for the Big Ten title against Illinois.

However, that was not the biggest upset of them all it was #14 seeded Oakland University taking out #3 seeded Kentucky in a game that was absolutely thrilling from start to finish. I told people to watch out for Oakland and they proved to be a beast, but man if they could have taken out NC State with that buzzer shot they would be advancing to the Sweet 16 to take on Marquette and truly become the Cinderella team of the season.

However, you win some you lose some. My Michigan State Spartans took care of business against Mississippi State but found themselves staring down the barrel of the team who has proved to be their demise in the NCAA Tournament time and time again in the Tar Heels. Gosh, I hate UNC as they have been a thorn in the Spartans foot for years and I just want to see them for once take that team out in the NCAA Tournament to prove they can dance with the best of the best.

However, we have our 16 teams and now it is time to start making those predictions as who are likely to push their ticket to the Elite 8 and ultimately the Final Four. I know I might be a bit crazy, but I like Alabama over UNC. I think the game will be close, but I think Alabama could knock out the #1 seed. Arizona looks to punch their ticket past Clemson to the Elite 8.

The one game that I think will be truly fun to watch is #3 Illinois vs #2 Iowa State I do feel like Iowa can edge out Illinois, but I would not count out Illinois. UConn is going to beat San Diego St., but if that #5 seed managed to take out the #1 seed, oh, what fun would that be. That Creighton and Tennessee game is going to be one to watch. Both teams are formidable foes, but I think Tennessee is a stronger team. I don’t think Purdue is as strong as people suspect them to be, and I think Gonzaga has the power to dethrone and cause a major upset.

Marquette should beat NC State, but after they clawed back against Oakland University, anything can happen. Duke and Houston will be another game that will be interesting to watch. I like Houston, but I would NOT underestimate Duke in the game. I know this is ballsy, but my Final Four picks are Arizona, UConn, Tennessee and Marquette. Maybe, I will be proved wrong, but this NCAA Tournament is proving there is no actual Cinderella tale and plenty of upsets could be headed in our direction.

Written By Davy Jones