HOLLYWOOD—Who would have guessed nearly 25 plus years later that writers on “Days of Our Lives” would return to a storyline that had fans flabbergasted at what they were watching on the small screen. If you’re trying to figure things out, all I can say, is only in Salem can this soap opera cook up the storylines that make you say it can never happen in real life, but I want to see how it plays out. Remember Marlena Evans was possessed by the Devil, well in the 2021 the possession storyline is back.

The Devil made his return via Doug. At first, audiences were made to believe it was Doug suffering from memory loss, possibly Alzheimer’s or Dementia. However, upon a visit with Marlena the evil made its presence known and jumped from Doug’s body into Marlena’s. You might be asking what caused all of this? Her grandson Johnny, looking to craft a film around his mother Sami.

It is important to point out that Johnny has spoken to Sami via phone, which means her ‘disappearance’ still allows her access to technology to some degree. Johnny is intrigued crafting his script similar to his brother Will and paying tribute to “The Exorcist” along the way. Real bad idea Johnny because you may not have been around when dear ole grandma was possessed, but you’re about to see it this time and with the teases of evil the audience has received, I expect October and November Sweeps to be epic on “Days.”

In other Salem news, Xander has found himself back in the slammer, just as Gwen was stunned to come face-to-face with her sister Abigail. Abigail delivered a heartfelt apology which left Gwen guilt ridden. Yes, Gwen your sister poured out her heart apologizing for something that never transpired. Hmm, I wonder how she will feel when you finally confess your sins from the past? Chad found himself tossed out the DiMera mansion by Gabi, only to be reinstated once EJ presented the new deed to the home, which he purchased from the bank that Stefan had a working relationship to. That resulted in EJ tossing Gabi and Jake out the compound and promising he has more revenge tactic in the works.

I will admit this new EJ is quite the villain; he has a take no prisoner’s attitude for family and especially for those who are NOT family. The week got interesting for EJ who invited Nicole, yes that Nicole of all people to dinner, but discovered she’s not that into him. Yeah, Nicole has an eye for Rafe, who is still glued to Ava even though that romance is quickly fading. Ava is busy stirring trouble because she alerted Philip that Gabi and Jake are doing their best to get him tossed from Titan. Philip did not like hearing that, but he has other issues in his father Victor who is back in the foray.

Victor is NOT happy Philip is so focused on Chloe that he tasked Brady with getting Chloe under his thumb and not Philip so we can focus on work. I said it before and I will say it again, Brady and Chloe should be the focus, not Chloe and Philip. Abe and Paulina are prepping to tie the knot, but Paulina is keeping a whopper of a secret: she is Lani’s mother and Abe is NOT her father! That’s a secret that changes everything and once revealed it will be an epic war with plenty of fallout people. Also Ben and Ciara are considering having a baby, just as Ava is doing something not so smart: targeting Rafe’s sister Gabi. Ava you do realize Rafe will NOT be happy to learn you’re attempting to bring harm to his sister? She is no saint, but at the end of the day she is his blood so I see this plot with Philip blowing up in your face sooner than later.