HOLLYWOOD—Well, the mobster is back people on “General Hospital!” Yes, after nearly 9 months, yes, the audience was reminded of that tidbit multiple times as Sonny returned home and I was underwhelmed slightly. Why? I wanted there to be a bit more drama people. How so? I mean we knew Sonny wasn’t going to make it back in time before Carly and Jason tied the knot, but what about him actually catching Jason and Carly sleeping together?

That would have at least been a bit more explosive because at the current moment, Sonny really has no idea what took place with Carly and Jason. It was awkward as hell, Jason could only sit back and watch his chance at possibly finding true love blow up in his face, as Carly was riddled with guilt and overcome with joy at the same time. The man she was certain was dead was very much alive and back in the flesh. There is more going on and we’ll touch on that in a bit.

Sonny reunited with all his children including Kristina; they really should utilize the character much more people. However, I was waiting for the other ball to drop which transpired this week when Carly learned that Nina knew Sonny was alive for months and kept her lips pursed as a result. You know a scorned Carly; she never forgives when she has been crossed and issued threats and made it crystal clear Nina would not see Wiley anymore.

This rivalry is going to continue between these two until it doesn’t which makes me wonder, could Nelle Benson make a return? It was delicious TV because Carly was mad as hell, and Maxie had a great point: Carly has done wicked stuff in the past. I mean you knew Nelle died, you knew Nina was her mother and you keep that secret for months from Nina. So Nina keeping Sonny from you is karma, you reap what you sew and Nina was wrong, but she was simply dishing to Carly what Carly gave to her.

The mobster’s return is spreading throughout Port Charles, but there is major and I mean major danger lurking by the name of Peter August. Valentin and Anna had him cornered and at gunpoint, but Peter slipped thru their clutches. So we know he’s been working with Victor Cassadine and is responsible for Drew’s current predicament. Drew got a cellmate this week when Liesl showed up after threatening Victor with a knife. It looks like these two will put their minds together to manage escape.

However, the question I need answered that is still lurking is EXACTLY WHAT VICTOR WANTS PETER AUGUST FOR? I haven’t been able to connect those dots people and I’m trying to make sense of the situation, which now seems the audience will not learn until November at the earliest. At least the writers know, the audience wants that question answered, as Drew and Liesl tried to make sense of the situation as well. So we have those tidbits, and Maxie has learned courtesy of Nina that Peter is very much out there and could be headed back to Port Charles, which left Maxie on edge, as well as Brook Lynn. At this point, it is time for the two ladies to reveal the truth about Bailey being Louise.

Why? I have this sneaking feeling that Peter August will indeed meet his maker and a major murder mystery will kick-off where we all will be asking the question who killed Peter? On top of that, I’m so glad the writers are starting to push Brook Lynn and Chase together. I always thought these two had better chemistry than Chase and Willow. It’s moving slow, but I’m certain we are going to get there people, as we will with Finn and Elizabeth.

The other big reveal of the house is the revelation that Trina has pieces together the clues that Spencer and Esme are Ava’s stalker. So a master plan is in the works between Trina, Josslyn and Cameron to expose Spencer and Esme. We know the writing is on the wall, but this still begs the question what about Ryan Chamberlain people? We also have to chat about Sonny’s lingering feelings for Nina. Jason spotted his pal should be angrier about what transpired, but he’s not, that could spell trouble people. Also what is with Valentin and Anna, they shared a kiss, but Valentin was pretty drunk. Not to mention, we spotted that bartender with a Cassadine crown tattoo. Is there another Cassadine lurking that “General Hospital” fans don’t know about?