LAUREL CANYON — Maroon 5’s keyboardist collaborated on April 2 with an LA based artist to create an extension of his 2 Minute Movies project.

Jesse Carmichael, 41, has been the keyboardist and guitar player for pop band Maroon 5 since the band formed in 1994, as well as often writing songs. Back in 2018, he delved into filmmaking which led to the creation of his project, 2 Minute Movies (2mm).

The intermediate film series premiered as a Youtube channel on Feb. 23, 2018. In the description of the first post, Carmichael outlined what the project was about:

“We are here to work together. There are no rules about what kind of films we make. The only rule is that each film shall be no more than 2 minutes long.”

The project allows for artists of all fields to express themselves through the short movies. On April 2, Paul Davies, a 41-year-old Australian painter that currently resides in LA, joined Carmichael to showcase his art.

Davies utilizes hand-cut stencils based off photos he takes around LA.

The video is a time lapse of Davies’s work in modular painting titled “Open-Plan Landscape.”

Davies posted on Instagram April 2 to share the piece with his fans:

“Was an honor to collaborate with @maroon5 cofounder and great mate @jesseroyal on this short film from his recently establish @2minutemovies series!”

“Open-Plan Landscape” painted by Paul Davies.

In a more recent piece from May 5, Carmichael collaborated with another painter Marina Dunbar about the flow states and anxiety during quarantine titled “Quarantine Flow States.”

The short-film series currently has 15 installations from different artists. Carmichael accepts submissions or ideas via email at