HOLLYWOOD—I cannot believe with all the possibilities available that the person who has been sending menacing gifts and threats to Ava Jerome, was none other than Spencer Cassadine on “General Hospital!” I mean c’mon, out of all the possibilities of a threat, the writers chose to fixate on Spencer of all people. Well, they have aged the kid, who is an adult at this point and we actually saw the stalker in the flesh, but Spencer was such a red herring, I didn’t actually think the writers would go thru with it. I mean he is walking around Port Charles as ‘Vincent’ and how no one has spotted him yet I’m trying to figure that out people.

It just seems so obvious and that is not good in my book people. So Spencer is indulging in chaos as a way to get his father, Nikolas away from Ava who he thinks is a cancer. I can understand Spencer’s logic to a degree, I mean he thought his life was over after his father was presumed ‘dead’ thanks to his uncle Valentin. Ava had the keys to ensure Valentin was punished and refused to take action.

The threats as of late have become more menacing and violent to say the least. I don’t see any shock value from this big reveal from Nikolas or Ava, but it will be interesting to see Nikolas have to decide rather he chooses his wife or his son. That means, Nikolas is starting to see a taste of what his past deeds have caused; his son is becoming more and more like him. Of course, Nikolas, Ava and Laura will be surprised by this reveal, but I just realized Spencer’s return means he’ll have some interaction with Cameron, Josslyn and Trina likely

The teen scene has been big on “GH” and now more than ever with Cam, Joss and Trina graduating from high school and preparing for college. Too bad Trina came face-to-face with Spencer and as a result found herself in the middle of a bloody trap. One that worried her parents, Taggert and Portia and it looks like Nikolas actions are about to come to a head very soon people. There is a problem people, Trina is smitten with Vincent or shall I say Spencer.

It is good news to spread that Chase has recovered after Finn discovered the key to the antidote was Jackie and Gregory’s DNA. Yes, Gregory is Chase’s father if that was NOT already explained people. With that said, Willow is trapped in a loveless marriage with a man she used to love, while the one that she currently loves sits back and waits in the wings. The writers need to do something with this because I have a gut feeling Willow might sleep with Chase becoming pregnant and that will create all sorts of problems. I mean Chase is going to want to consummate the marriage soon and Willow is going to resist as much as she can until Chase starts to ask questions.

Finn was ready to turn himself into the authorities and asked Scotty to be his legal representation. Scotty learned what transpired, just as Liz and Finn bickered about moving Peter’s body. Something already tells me that Peter’s not dead, and might be coming back for revenge and as much as I wanted Peter to receive his comeuppance, this way seemed too much like a cop out for me. So yeah, I’m desperate to see Peter August cause a bit more chaos in Port Charles people.

Anna and Valentin were mere inches for locking lips as they continued to search for Peter, unaware that the truth is sitting right in front of him. I mean the chemistry between these two is strong and to see the writers finally push the characters in this direction is great. It was not all love on their mission to locate Maxie’s baby and find Peter, Anna found a picture of Austin as a child, but she recognized his father. Get your thinking caps on fans to connect the dots. I still believe Austin is connected to the Quartermaine clan somehow. How precisely? I’m not sure, but he certainly is intrigued by Michael Quartermaine so make what you will of that people.

Guess the biggest thing we should focus on is the bomb that Jason and Carly are getting married. They are doing this a direct result to show the four families they are a united front in the midst of Sonny’s demise. Yeah, I didn’t think this would be dragged out this long, but Sonny is still in Nixon Falls and we’ve gotten hints he might return to Port Charles to surprise Nina as ‘Mike,’ but his family and loved one’s will get the biggest shock in the process people.

Could this turn into passion for Jason and Carly? I doubt it, he’s smitten by Britt, who is livid that Carly has become number 1 yet again, leaving her in the dust. Britt join Sam and Liz, who have learned all too well that Carly is ALWAYS number 1 when it comes to Jason’s loyalty people.

Jason pleaded his case, but Britt didn’t want to hear a word as she shared drinks about the single life with Jax. Ugh, I hoped these two don’t get hammered while watching the fireworks and end up sleeping together. While interesting, that will just complicate an already complicated situation even more and I’m not sure I want to see that. I spoke too soon, Jax and Britt slept together and that changes things people, as Carly and Jason got a glimpse as the two exited the elevator at the Metro Court. Hmm, am I sensing jealously from Carly Corinthos and Jason Quartermaine people? It looks like it and oh, this is fun to see.