HOLLYWOOD—Well May Sweeps is upon us soap fans and it seems “The Young and the Restless” is traveling down a similar path YET AGAIN in the writers attempt to humanize Adam Newman. I don’t know what it is, but it always seems “Y&R” struggles to give viewers an amazing narrative in time for sweeps rather its February, May or November. I mean how many times can Adam be touted as the rescuer for Sharon, Nick and Faith Newman notably?

Yes, Faith has a health crisis. I would argue it is NOT the result of her drinking, but that crash she got into which caused an infection. She fainted at Crimson Lights, which prompted a visit to the doctor, where it was discovered by Nate and Elena that Faith’s kidneys are failing people. Sharon is a mess, and rightfully so, she already lost one daughter with Cassie, I couldn’t fathom the mother enduring a second loss of a child. Nick is the angry dad he always appears to be, which is a bit of overacting from Joshua Morrow. Nikki is Nikki and Victor seems more concerned with proving Adam’s innocence than locating a possible donor for his granddaughter.

So cue Adam Newman because he seems to share a rare blood type that Faith also has, and he’s the likely match of a kidney for Faith, but here’s the problem: no one knows where Adam is. Well, until now. Nick utilized the information given to him by Sharon and took a trip to Kansas to locate his devious half-brother. While searching for Adam, the brothers found themselves in the path of a Mother Nature who unleashed a tornado that placed Nick’s life in dire straits. Not only did Adam saved Faith from a tornado back when she was a little one, he just saved his brother from a tornado and saved Faith during that crash she just had. You might as well call Adam, his family’s Guardian Angel people.

Here is the problem, Adam is on the run for poisoning Rey, and Sharon, Adam and Victor knows his innocence, the problem is proving it, with Chelsea finding a way to stay one step ahead of her former flame who she wants revenge against. The walls are indeed closing in on Chelsea, I mean setting up your lover for a crime is one thing, however, why would you poison a police detective of all people? Not smart, and Victor laid out the hammer this week threatening to take custody of Connor as a way of getting his way. Hmm, something is telling me Chelsea will be fleeing Genoa City in the near future, especially since it’s known that Chelsea’s portrayer in real life is pregnant.

In other GC news, Sally and Summer are still at war. Look in the beginning this was fun, now it has just become stale because Summer should focus on her relationship with Kyle and that big secret they’re keeping about his son. Sally isn’t even thinking about Summer, but when you continue to poke the bear, at some point the bear will indeed strike back people. Sally has gotten a bit of footing with Jack who agreed to have coffee with her, just as she staged a scene by going toe-to-toe with Tara Locke which Jack witnessed.

Yes, Ashland’s chaos has faltered for the time being, but I’m certain it will spruce up  this month because rumor has it that Summer and Kyle are planning a big wedding, but this constant talk about Harrison and Kyle acting like he doesn’t have a son, is not going away. That secret has to be coming out this month and I can sense the ramifications will be grand, explosive and beyond chaotic when it transpires. Anything done in the dark always comes to light people.

The only other story worth chatting about is the Amanda and Sutton legal drama. Amanda is representing her grandfather, who never considered her a part of the family, but needs her help because he is being charged for the murder of Amanda’s father. Amanda doesn’t fully trust her grandfather, but it is her half-sister, Imani who is truly raising concerns. How so? She threatened Amanda to stay away from the case and ‘her’ family. You know how you have those annoying characters, Imani is one of them.

Amanda took nothing of the veiled threats, until Devon clued her in on the fact that he spotted Imani and Sutton having a tense conversation in public. That prompted Amanda, who has no idea what her sister meant by their grandfather turning her world upside down, to keep a closer eye. The only way she might get to the truth is by aligning herself with those who have no idea what she might be up to.

So Adam will be heralded a hero yet again, Chelsea will ultimately be exposed, Kyle big secret will finally come out, that pretty much wraps May sweeps right “Y&R” fans?