MELROSE —On April 14, a man accused of committing a series of burglaries in the Melrose Village area has been taken into custody, according to the Melrose Action website.

Patrick Taylor, who is suspected of committing multiple commercial robberies in the Melrose Village and Miracle Mile parts of Los Angeles, was arrested at approximately 7 p.m., when he was reportedly leaving his residence at the 400 block of Rodeo Lane. The Wilshire Special Problems Unit, (SPU), worked in conjunction with Wilshire Burglary Detectives to apprehend Taylor, who is suspected of robbing high-end women’s clothing and fashion accessories in the Melrose Village district of the Wilshire Area.

The 40-year-old suspect is accused of a series of break-ins/smash-and-grab-type burglaries of posh shops on Melrose Avenue between La Cienega Boulevard and La Brea Avenue. One proprietor, Marc Jacobs, was one victim of a series of burglaries in recent months.  On April 15, at approximately 3 a.m., a search warrant was executed at Taylor’s residence, in which detectives collected numerous items that are believed to have been taken from clothing stores, cellular telephone stores and a mattress store. They also recovered tools and small motors believed to be from a motorcycle shop.

Investigators suspect that other people may have participated with Taylor in the robberies, and that the locations he allegedly targeted may cover multiple cities and other areas within the city and county of Los Angeles.