MELROSE—On Tuesday, July 21, the Los Angeles Police Department released information regarding the arrest of Joaquin Rivas, 51, a registered sex offender. The suspect was charged with what police are calling a “brutal” rape and kidnapping that occured on July 17 in the Melrose area. Rivas is known to have a past of sexual convictions.

The LAPD reported that the crime occurred around 8:30 p.m. The victim was walking near  Melrose Avenue and Hobart Boulevard when a man asked if she needed a ride. The woman  got in the car and lost consciousness soon after. When the woman regained consciousness, she found herself on the 600 Block of North Serrano Ave. Authorities believe the assault took place in that location or somewhere near. The victim was able to escape and report the incident to police.

Rivas was arrested on Sunday, July 19 and is being held on a $10 million bail. He is being charged with alleged kidnapping and rape of the victim. Authorities are looking for any additional victims who have possibly been assaulted by Rivas.

The LAPD tweeted any additional victims or anyone with information should call the LAPD West Bureau at 213-473-0440.