WESTWOOD—Beginning June 22, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) will be closed for services with the Expo Line at 7th St/Metro Center and the Pico Station. The stations will remain closed for 60 days due to construction that consists of the northern segment work of the Blue Line Improvements Project. Both Expo Line stations are anticipated to resume operations in late August.

According to Metro’s website, huge improvements are underway for Metro’s oldest light rail line. Metro began significant improvements on the Blue Line in January 2019. Additional changes will continue through September. Metro plans to invest $350 million to enhance safety, increase reliability and improve the customer experience.

In the course of the shutdown, Expo Line trains in route for Los Angeles will end at LATTC/ Orto Institute Station. Bus shuttles will be present for individuals to proceed to Pico and 7th St/Metro Center stations.

Seven days a week there will be over 856 free local bus shuttles, along with buses parallel with the amount of Expo Line trains. The normal rain service will continue its usual schedule connecting LATTC/Ortho Institute and the Downtown Santa Monica station. The Red/Purple Line at 7th St/Metro Subway trains will remain with their regular operations during construction work for the Blue and Expo metro lines.

Metro suggested that Expo Line riders strategize to allow additional time to reach their destinations throughout the 60-day construction project for the two Expo Line stations.

For additional details visit Metro’s New Blue website or call their project hotline at (213) 418-3039.