UNITED STATES−Michigan State Representative, Cynthia A. Johnson was reprimanded after allegedly making threats to President Donald Trump supporters in a video posted on social media.

On December 2, during a hearing in Lansing, Michigan Democrats and Republicans of the House Oversight Committee discussed alleged election fraud that transpired.

Trump’s attorney Rudy Guiliani brought witnesses who testified to the committee.  Rep. Matt Hall of the Senate Oversight Committee led the hearing.

The first witness, Hima Kolanagireddy, a credentialed GOP challenger who specialized in IT indicated that the ballots kept getting jammed and that the election workers did not know that they were to cancel the votes to avoid ballots being counted twice.

Kolanagireddy spoke about the unfair treatment toward GOP election workers. Another witness discussed duplicate ballots and that he witnessed a “Mr. Baxter,” bring in ballots from another area. The witness indicated that there were approximately 50,000 ballots and that they were all for Biden. He  claimed that some of the ballots were changed by election workers from mixed ballots to straight Democrat tickets.


Johnson questioned the witnesses citing that the witnesses were not under oath and that none of them represented Detroit.

Giuliani said all witnesses present had signed sworn affidavits as to what happened.

Witness, #1 then offered to be sworn under oath.
Witness number two was questioned about taking the duplicate ballots.

Rudy Giuliani was then asked by C.A. Johnson if he thought that he and the President were honest men?  Giuliani appeared to be surprised by the question and asked if he really had to answer that.

Rep. Hall called C.A. Johnson to order for the second time, asking her if she had a point of order? She was called out of order.

Johnson received threats containing hate speech following the hearing including thousands of threatening calls of her treatment of witnesses and Rudy Guiliani at the hearing. One caller recommended she be lynched.

Johnson made a YouTube video telling Trump supporters to, “Walk lightly, and calling on “soldiers” saying, “make them pay.”

She was removed from the committees due to the threatening messages directed toward supporters of the POTUS.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer responded to Johnson’s reprimand on Thursday, December 10, stating: “Republican leaders went “too far.”