HOLLYWOOD HILLS—What is it about movie critics that make us all a bunch of geeks? Few of us willingly embrace that term, but Jerry Dennis is proud of his well-deserved title. The Internet-based host spoke with me this week in order to give his film favorites, and explains why he’s such a huge fan of the latest hit “Social Network,” which stars Justin Timberlake.

Q-Jerry, When did “Movie Geeks United” start?

A-“The show started in April of 2007. We have kept the same lineup since its inception. The show is a lively mix of interviews, commentary and reviews—it is just the right mix of those elements.”

Q-Is there any new film that stands out to you right now? In a good or bad way.

A-“I have been very fortunate to see a few really incredible films this year. Two of them stand out the most so far. David Fincher’s ”˜The Social Network’ and Edgar Wright’s ”˜Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.’ To me, both films work on many different levels, but at their core, both films come together from their director’s unique styles, perfect ensemble casting, source material, original soundtrack scores and the writing. Both films are intoxicating, but there is something vivid about watching Jesse Eisenberg and Michael Cera taking their quirks and making them work perfectly for their characters. While I think each of their performances are very good, I think both films work very well from so many great performances, large and small.”

Q-What is your favorite classic movie?

A-“Sam Peckinpah’s ”˜The Wild Bunch’”

Q-Who are your favorite film directors from the past and also today?

A-“Wait a second; this is a really unfair question. I have many favorite directors. Way too many to list here.”

Q-Who else hosts “Movie Geeks” with you?

A-“The show would not still be on the air if it was not for Jamey Duvall. He is the show’s producer, writer and chief interviewer. He has the right attitude and that is why we have been on the air for three and half years. Christopher Whetton is also a vital part of the show and when the three of us are on the show, it is pure dynamite!”

Q-Where can people find you on the Internet?

A-“’Movie Geeks United’ is available at moviegeeksunited.net andblogtalkradio.com/moviegeeksunited. And all shows are available via iTunes. I co-host two other podcasts as well, ”˜Things I Didn’t Learn In Film School’ with filmmaker, Francis Abbey. This podcast is all about Independent films. It is also available at the link below and also via iTunes.tidlifs.filmsnobbery.com

“I also co-host ”˜The Four Horsemen’ with Christopher Jacques, Phil Grech and Jon Medina. This show is mix of pop culture, politics and humor. Think ”˜Real Time With Bill Maher’ crossed with ”˜Tough Crowd With Colin Quinn.’ The show is available at: blogtalkradio.com/thefourhorsemen1.”