SANTA MONICA—On Friday, October 30, at 8 p.m., Saint Monica Catholic Church welcomes you to Mozart’s Requiem. Originally performed and produced by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the notable German composer that has become famous since the Classical Era for such works as “Overture of the Marriage of Figaro (1786)” and “Piano Sonata #11 (1783)” has become one of the most influential musical artists in western history.

Momentous works during the concert will include an unfinished piece, “Requiem Mass in D Minor” and “Ave Verum Corpus,” two pieces that have significant meaning in the world of music for classical music lovers.

In 1791, “Requiem Mass in D Minor” was commissioned by Count Franz Von Walsegg in honor of his late wife and was left incomplete due to Mozart’s untimely death on December 5. “Ave Verum Corpus,” a eucharistic hymn produced in honor of Mozart’s friend, Anton Stoll, has been recognized during most consecrations during the middle ages and has been changed and adapted by various composers throughout the years.

According to Artmusica, a Torrance-based choir group set to perform the pieces this year, claims that Mozart’s key pieces that are produced are his expressions of the “mercy of God.” Although Mozart’s Requiem is grave, it is not sad, but hopeful, “which does not thunder or lighten except to split the dark clouds and allow us see a glimpse of Paradise.”

Music will be featured at Saint Monica Catholic Church at 725 California Ave. and will be conducted by Daniel Suk alongside a 38-piece chorus, which will include a soprano, mezzo soprano, tenor and bass vocalist as well as various students from around the city to play alongside the professional musicians.

According to St. Monica Catholic Church, the event usually houses around 500-600 people each year and in recent years, the “Requiem” performances has also displayed at other locations, such as St. Phillip the Apostle Church, located in Pasadena.

For more ticket information, the venue encourages anyone to contact 1-800-838-3006, visit or visit