MALIBU—The first major storm of 2018 hit Malibu on Tuesday, January 9, causing a mudslide that shut down Topanga Canyon Boulevard. A section of the roadway was shut down, covered in mud and debris as a result of the torrential rain. According to the city of Malibu emergency services office, the section is located about a mile and a half north of the Pacific Coast Highway. Topanga Canyon Boulevard, one of the three busiest streets in Malibu was inspected by Caltran agents later in the day.

Caltran agents announced the road would be closed on January 10 and January 11. Other streets in Malibu have been impacted by the weather. Reports of rocks obstructing Kanan Dume and Malibu Canyon Roads were reported on January 9. At around 8 a.m., a tree fell onto Las Flores Canyon Road, causing a backup of cars that remained on the street for hours. Nearby neighbors and emergency services removed the tree from the road.

Many creeks and rivers have overflowed in the area as well. Heavy, mud-laden floods have led destruction to areas north of Malibu, near Santa Barbara. The city of Montecito has been covered in water and mudslides have led to extensive damage to homes in the region.

The floods and mudslides were caused by heavy rain and the SoCal fires that burned through the area less than two weeks ago. The fires left the soil dry preventing the ground from soaking up the water.

There were no reports of an injuries in Malibu. A vehicle was damaged by the fallen tree. According to reports, at least 13 people have been killed in other parts of SoCal, and there have been reports of several people missing.