HOLLYWOOD—This is hands down the worst twist I have ever seen in Daytime TV. “The Bold and the Beautiful” has been teasing for weeks an epic murder mystery that literally left me aghast, but not in a good way. Liam and Bill Spencer were arrested for the murder of Vinny Walker, Thomas’ bestie, the one who altered Steffy’s paternity results to make it look like Liam was the father of her baby not Finn. I mean to tease a freakin’ murder mystery, and for the audience to discover it was a suicide, c’mon?! First off, Vinny recorded the suicide as it was apparently transpiring because Liam and Bill’s voices could be heard.

Here is the problem people: if Vinny had that phone in his hand while being struck by the car, it would have certainly flew out of his hands. So the issue of logic is a major and I mean a major problem right now! Thomas was floored by the revelation, so much to the point that he decided to confess the truth to Justin of all people. Justin had ulterior motives though. He knocked Thomas out cold at Forrester Creations and then dragged him to Spencer Publications in a secret area, holding him captive in a jail cell. How did Justin get Thomas out of Spencer Publications and no one see it?

Yeah, crazy is just one of the many colorful words I have chosen to use here. I mean, Justin, is about to hold Thomas hostage to prevent the truth from coming out so he can hold onto the reigns of Spencer Publications. Please someone tell me in what universe, does this crap actually make any and I mean any sense whatsoever. Justin has been Bill’s right hand man for years, doing any and everything that Bill has asked him to do and now he wants to have a moral compass? What in the world are the writers on right now, because I’m telling you right now this is hands down the worst storyline I have ever seen on “B&B” in the many years that I have been watching the soap.

Now, if Justin knew Thomas was responsible for Emma’s death and wanted to get back at him I would buy this let’s hold Thomas captive in relation to Vinny storyline, but none of that has played out yet. I don’t even think the writers will introduce that truth in the narrative, even though they should. With that said, Wyatt, Bill and Liam are all worried Justin is not doing enough and its showing. So it just means Justin is likely to have another captor or two before the truth comes out and trust me this is just beyond silly. I get the writers trying to give Aaron D. Spears more content FINALLY, but with this storyline, I would have rejected it people.

I teased the perfect twist to Vinny’s murder in a column a few weeks ago, Shauna and Flo caused Vinny’s murder because he discovered she really is NOT a Logan and lied about her paternity to get in good with the clan, Wyatt and to earn forgiveness for her role in stealing Hope’s baby. I mean that would be a twist that would 1) Knock the socks off the audience 2) Give Shauna and Flo an actual storyline since neither have had one in months people, like nothing to do.

This is one time where I can give a rats you know what how this plays out. With that said, the stage is being set for Quinn Fuller to FINALLY and I mean FINALLY receive her comeuppance courtesy of Brooke Logan no less. Quinn has been a pest for years, cheating with Ridge, causing problems in Ridge and Brooke’s marriage with Shauna, not to mention dropping that bomb at Ridge and Brooke’s reunion and savoring every single moment. So guess what? I was giddy to see Paris find out about the secret, but ecstatic when Brooke overhead details she shouldn’t have discovered when Quinn threatened Paris. Brooke has NEVER trusted Quinn and rightfully so.

You know Brooke Forrester-Logan when that woman gets a hunch she never lets it go and she learned the dirty details about Carter and Quinn’s tryst and was ready to deliver earthquakes. Guess where this little truth is likely to come out: Eric and Quinn’s vow renewal. Oh, this is going to be so good. Quinn will get her comeuppance no less, and then Shauna is going to be exposed once again for lying, which means her so called truce with Brooke, the Logan ladies and the Forrester clan is over people.

I seriously cannot wait until the week of July 6 when all the messiness of Carter and Quinn’s affair blows literal lives apart and to see the aftermath of this chaos. I mean “The Bold and Beautiful” needs something after this dismal Vinny death twist. Steffy and Finn are having their baby, and that is great and all, but we want drama people. And to think they could have turned TWO juicy storylines into something epic for the 2021 year, only to have one likely going down as the worst twist, surprise and storyline of the year, what a shame people, what a shame.