UNITED STATES—You all know that I have had an ongoing mission to declutter my life, particularly my closet. I get rid of things, only to turn back around to purchase more things. This past week, I did another small haul, I can’t call it a major overhaul because that would mean TAKING EVERYTHING out of my closet and going thru every single item. Yeah, that is something I need to do and I plan to do, but I just need a bit of time to do it.

Sorry for the digression, I got rid of some clothing that was just sitting in the closet. I simply asked the question: do you wear the item? When was the last time you wore the item? Would I be upset if I didn’t have this item? By doing that I had a trash bag of clothing that I donated to those in need. No, I did not toss the items, because a vast majority of the clothing and shoes donated were brand new. Most had been worn maybe once, some had never been worn.

Did I make quite a bit of room in my closet? To a degree, but at the same time there is still a lot more I have to get rid of. I think the issue is that I’m emotionally attached to the items and I’m not 100 percent sure why. Well let me take that back because I think I know precisely why I have difficulty getting rid of some of the items: I paid for them. My hard work was the reason I was able to purchase those items and I don’t just want to get rid of them because I see it as throwing money away. If there is anything people know about me it’s the fact that I do NOT like to waste money, no way, no shape and no form people.

However, I am starting to realize by getting rid of things is NOT throwing money away. I got my use out of those items and if they’re no longer serving me any purpose, I should make room for things that do and give away things to help those who might need them. You don’t need 200 T-shirts. Hell, there is only 365 days in a year, and let’s be honest, no one is wearing a different T-shirt every day of the year. You have your favorites that you wear over and over again, but it would be an interesting experiment to see someone where a different outfit EVERY single day for a year.

Getting into the mind of that person and understanding what they choose to wear and why they wore it would be an interesting experiment to say the least. What I am getting at is the fact that clutter is bad. When you have organizational structure, you have clarity that clarity alleviates potential stress that might be circulating or haunting you in your life.

If each time you open your closet, you get a headache or stressed that is a sign that you have some work to do. You might not want to do it, but in the process of getting rid of clutter or providing better structure to your life, you find things you didn’t know you have, but you also get the opportunity to give to those who might be in desperate need.