HOLLYWOOD─If there has been a soap opera more disappointing than “The Young and the Restless” this November sweeps it has to be “The Bold and the Beautiful.” I don’t know what to say about these two soaps beyond, did they have no big stories they were holding to pull off the band-aide in regards to major storylines? I mean that notion of Hope getting custody of Douglas from Thomas was wrapped up slightly quick, but this big tease that a major character was going to die and to turn out it was a fluke is a damn slap in the face to viewers.

I swear out of all the soaps it seems CBS is so scared to kill off any major players in the soap arena and I don’t know why. Hey, “B&B” you never kill off any of your characters, and those that you kill off are so minor the audience barely cares. It’s okay to knock off a few characters to propel the narrative. I mean this big ole tease which turned out to be a complete dud left me livid and I’m over “The Bold and the Beautiful” at the moment. Thomas accidentally fails in a tube of hydrofluoric acid that turned out to be just water. How so? If it were actually acid, Thomas wouldn’t have been able to make a miraculous return from the dead.

Hope was reeling from what she thought she did, and in all actuality she didn’t push Thomas; he fell on his own volition into that tub when he tried to kiss Hope who shut down his advances. In the process, Steffy and Ridge have been worried sick about Thomas. It’s amazing how people can commit such dastardly deeds and be forgiven so quickly in the soap arena. Brooke was working around the clock to reassure Hope that she did nothing wrong, and her goal to protect her daughter at all costs.

Brooke is fiercely loyal to her children, just like Ridge, but at least she acknowledges when her kids are wrong. Ridge just seems to overlook the fact that Thomas chased a woman in her vehicle that ultimately led to her death, and you think your son is stable. Ok, remind me never to ask you for parenting advice. Thomas stunned Hope when he returned in the flesh, and it became clear that a case of blackmail is underway where Thomas will do his best to use what has happened to get what he wants from Hope.

With that said, the writers of “B&B” are doing it yet again, and I’m making it clear right now, if it happens I am DONE with this soap and I mean it. This Liam, Steffy and Hope love triangle has been an ongoing narrative for years, and I mean years. I am over it. Why can’t this soap stop beating a dead horse with this love tale? I feel like this has been ongoing for 10 years if not longer. Is this going to transpire for the next 20 years? Gosh, at this point I’d be happy for one of Liam, Hope or Steffy to be killed off so the audience doesn’t have to endure this boring, stale, storyline yet again.

Liam is drifting back to Steffy, and once he learns what Hope has done is going to be so horrified that he is going to cozy back up to Steffy. Liam, Hope was trying to protect a kid who was manipulated by his father, seems utterly frightened to be in his company and lied a bit to protect the child. It’s bad, but your ex-wife sleep with your father, and lied about it. That is a tough pill to swallow and I don’t care who you are. The only great news about Thomas coming back from the ‘dead’ was that Brooke and Hope revealed Thomas is still a schemer. Ridge now knows his son was willing to give custody of his son to Hope in exchange for sex. Yeah, that threw Ridge for a loop and it enraged Liam who did not like hearing that his wife has been in close proximity to a man who is that deranged in his opinion.

I can see where this tale is headed, Thomas will blackmail hope into being with him, then news about what happened to Thomas will come to light and there is going to be some sort of epic event come February sweeps where I suspect a possible death or near death experience will be in the works. If what I’m saying holds to be true, maybe the “B&B” writers might want to hire me to give me a shot and delivering a narrative that is not so predictable.