UNITED STATES−On November 3, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi of District 12 in California is up for re-election.

Pelosi, 80, is a 1962 graduate of Trinity College and entered the political arena in 1983 when she became chairwoman of the Democratic Party for the state of California. She then served as Finance Chairwoman from 1985-1986 as the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

She was elected to Congress for California’s 5th Congressional District which she served from 1987-1993. She served in California’s 8th Congressional District from 1993-2013, and has been serving California’s 12th District from 2013-present. The 12th District encompasses San Francisco.

Since 2003, Pelosi has led the House Democrats. She is noted as being the first woman to serve as a Congressional leader for their party. She served as House Minority leader twice, 2003-2007 and 2011-2019, and Speaker of the House 2007-2011 and recently from 2019 to present.

Speaker of the House is a position delegated to members of the House of Representatives by the majority party, and is second in the presidential line of succession, behind the Vice President.

Pelosi has fought for AIDS/HIV funding, job-creating investments, the conversion of old diesel engines to electric trains, and securing The Affordable Care Act.

She voted yes on the impeachment of Donald J. Trump for High Crimes and Misdemeanors Article’s I and II (H Res 755). The Impeachment Inquiry lasted several months starting in December 2019.

Members of the House of Representatives are considered for re-election every two years.

Shahid Buttar

Black Lives Matter advocate, Shahid Buttar is running a close race as a Democrat, Republican author of “Taking Back America, and former 2020 Presidential candidate,” DeAnna Lorraine is also running for the seat.

The Pelosi family has deep political roots in the state of California. She is the daughter of Thomas and Anunciata D’ Alessandro. Historical records include John F. Kennedy and his concern over Paul Pelosi who had dealings mobster, Benjamin Trotta Magliono, aka Benny Trotta.

In recent months, Pelosi held up measures to get COVID-19 financial relief packages passed and has advocated for “The Right to Peaceful Protests,” abortion, and “Women’s Reproductive Rights.”