LOS ANGELES—The Los Angeles Police Department Topanga Narcotics investigators with the help of the Canoga Park community that were involved in a major narcotics investigation that led to multiple arrests and the seizure of large amounts of marijuana.

Members of the region alerted the LAPD about their suspicion of marijuana cultivation in the area. On March 9, at around 2:00 p.m., narcotics investigators assigned to the LAPD Topanga Area Narcotics Enforcement Details, in collaboration with the Gang and Narcotics Division, served search warrants at three warehouses on the 8500 block of Canoga Avenue in Canoga Park.

Close to 10,000 marijuana plants in various stages of growth, as well as a large quantity of marijuana edibles were confiscated from the three locations. More than $7,000 in US currency was confiscated by investigators and nearly 2,400 pounds of marijuana which included live plants and dried flowers which had an approximate wholesale value of $4.8 million.

At one of the warehouses, investigators seized over 300 pounds of liquids, chocolates, and hard candy labeled as “infused with THC” (the active chemical in cannabis). Evidence found at scene indicated that at least one of the warehouses was connected to a large scale Marijuana Delivery Service in the city of Los Angeles and surrounding areas. A total of seven people were arrested at one of the warehouses located at 11359 H&S, for the cultivation and possession for sales of marijuana.

Anyone with questions regarding the incident can be directed to the case agent, Police Officer III Matthew Mauldin, (818) 756-4850 at Topanga Community Police Station.