UNITED STATES—On Wednesday, November 18, the National Basketball Association introduced the 2020-2021 draft class. NBA commissioner Adam Silver hosted the virtual event in Bristol, Connecticut while potential prospects awaited their phone call throughout different regions of the world.

First draft pick went to the Minnesota Timberwolves, they selected Anthony Edwards. Edwards is a small guard coming straight out of Georgia. Edwards is not afraid to embrace contact and is capable of moving people around underneath the basket. Some highlights include making 42 pull-up jumpers in just 32 games. Edwards was joined by family and friends alongside two vibrant portraits, one for his mother and one for his grandmother both of whom passed away from cancer just months apart.

Second pick went to the Golden State Warriors, they selected James Wiseman. Wiseman playing the center position coming from Memphis. Standing at 7”1 his ability to function up and down the court helps him manage to cover more ground quickly and have more power when attacking rim. When asked who he’s ready to defend Wiseman shared “I can bring versatility because of my size and everything so I’m prepared for anybody” during interview with ESPN.

Third pick went to the Charlotte Hornets, they selected LaMelo Ball. Ball plays the point guard position and is also a Californian native home town being Chino, CA. Projected for the number one spot Ball now joins his older brother Lonzo Ball now playing with the New Orleans Pelicans  being the first brother and brother to get drafted within the first top five potential prospects. LaMelo Ball has the ability to adjust to different speeds along with gathering assist numbers making a pass with either hand.

Fourth pick went to Chicago Bulls, they selected Patrick Williams. Williams is the second youngest player in this years draft class at just 19 years old. Playing the small forward position out of Florida State and averaging 84% from the free throw line. He can also defend both small and or bigger defenders with help of his athleticism and powerful frame.

Fifth pick went to the Cleveland Cavaliers, they selected Isaac Okoro. Playing the small forward position while attending Auburn, he was titled one of the most impactful defenders throughout his college career. Okoro will take advantage of attacking the rim, can finish strong inside the paint all while going through the set-up of the pick and roll technique.

Sixth pick went to the Atlanta Hawks, they selected Onyeka Okongwu. Coming out of USC the center is comfortable getting to the rim with both feet off the ground.  Okongwu is mindful when is comes to his vertical spacing. Due to his quickness, strength, and bounce makes him a good opponent to receive offensive rebounds. Also playing with the ball brother’s throughout their time at Chino high school the center is averaging 1.6 steals and 3.5 blocks per 40 minutes.

Seventh pick went to the Detroit Pistons, they selected Killian Hayes. Playing overseas in France the point guard stands at 6’5 and 192 lbs. Hanyes can use his size to over-power other guards and is comfortable shooting outside the three off the pick and roll. Advanced productivity as Hanyes as played a total of 72 professional games between the BBL, France Pro A, and EuroCup league.

Eighth pick went to New York Knicks, they selected Obi Toppin. Coming from Dayton the Power forward has big hands and can run the floor hard. Toppin can become a threat when lob out of the pick and roll from dunker spot is taking place. Toppin explained in an interview with ESPN “ after my very first dunk in high school, there were no more lay-ups after that”.

Ninth pick went to Washington Wizards, they selected Deni Avdija. The Israeli small forward can also play the power forward position with the ball handles to run point guard if needed. Is effective shooting pull up three pointers while being in transition. Avdija is also capable of playmaking without the ball.

Tenth pick went to Phoenix Suns, they selected Jalen Smith. Smith coming from Maryland is a power forward standing at 6”10 and 225lbs. Smith has also made 37 % of his three pointers and 75% of his free throws all while completing 40% of two point attempts. Has the athletic ability to block shots with both hands.

Eleventh pick went to San Antonio Spurs, they selected Devin Vassell. Coming from Florida State the small guard has a physical profile of 6 foot 7 with a seven foot wingspan. Hit 41% of three pointers on 168 attempts throughout his college years. All while maintaining a 2.0 steals and 1.3 blocks per 40 minutes.

Twelfth pick went to Sacramento Kings, they selected Tyrese Haliburton. Coming from Iowa State, the player plays point guard who can change speed with larger strides. Creative passer and encourages other teammates with outlet passes.

Thirteenth pick went to the New Orleans Pelicans, they selected Kira Lewis Jr. from Alabama. The point guard is quick to change the direction of his speed in a second. The point guard is shooting a 36% from outside the three-point line with a 79% from the free throw line for the past two years in college now.

Fourteenth pick went to the Boston Celtics, they selected Aaron Nesmith. The small forward is coming from Vanderbilt and stands at 6”6, 213lbs. Through out college career Nesmith has made more than four 3-pointers a game and converted at least 50 % of attempts made.

Fifteenth pick went to Orlando Magic, they selected Cole Anthony. Playing the point guard position Anthony likes to create space in-between him and defender so he can cross over step back and go left. Anthony has the ability to shoot off the catch and can score pull up jumpers with range.

The NBA draft has been going on since July 1, 1947. To date more than 3,000 players have been drafted into the National Basketball Association. For more information on this year 2020-2021 draft class can be found on ESPN.com