UNITED STATES—On Thursday, November 19, attorneys from Donald Trump held a press conference from the Republican National Committee building in Washington D.C.

Attorneys from included former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell who discussed sworn affidavits, evidence, and reports of nationwide voter fraud.

Giuliani pointed out that on November 3, “This was a National conspiracy. What I am describing to you is a massive fraud.” He reiterated what he said at the press conference in an interview with Sean Hannity of Fox News.

He discussed alleged incidents of voter fraud in Democrat-run cities such as Philadelphia, Detroit, Boston, and several other cities relating they were warned a dozen years ago by Jimmy Carter and others about being susceptible to fraud from mail-in voting.

Giuliani said, “If you count the legal votes, Trump won Wisconsin.” He added that a Democrat and a Republican are allowed to watch as each mail-in ballot is opened.

Republican inspectors and observers were allegedly not permitted to observe as votes were being counted.  Envelopes with their ballots, signatures, and witnesses, all must be verified for the vote to count. Giuliani argued about dead people voting and individuals voting up to 30 times each.

Some ballots were not placed in a private envelope or the signature was missing which would result in the vote being null and void. Residents of Philadelphia or Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, would be contacted in these cases and given another opportunity to cast their vote.

Giuliani indicated that Trump was in the lead in several states. He said 100,000 ballots were then brought in. They were all for Biden, and the Trump legal team has affidavits from the individuals who witnessed it.

In the Federal lawsuit, during a hearing before Judge Matthew Brann, Giuliani stated that “Big cities controlled by Democrats,” we’re engaging in an election conspiracy permitting  682,770  ballots to be counted illegally.

Powell has released several YouTube videos throughout the week. She discussed “Smartmatic” software that is used to manipulate and switch votes. Dominion Voting Systems, the voting system predominantly used in the 2020 Presidential election used Smartmatic software.

On Monday, November 16 on Open Source News, the self-proclaimed, “Black, Conservative Patriot,” revealed on YouTube that California’s red districts, turned to blue, and did so illegitimately.”

On Tuesday, November 17 in a phone interview with Fox News correspondent, Lou Dobbs, Powell discussed one of those affidavits.

One America News Network (OAN) revealed via YouTube that an Air Force General blew the whistle on alleged CIA vote hacking.

According to reports, the intelligence community warned that the CIA could possibly be behind efforts to sabotage the 2020 election.