HOLLYWOOD─She is the villain we love to hate, its Nelle Benson from “General Hospital.” We thought when she was carted off to jail that was the last of the character, but it seems her presence is more known in Port Charles now than ever before. She somehow weaseled out of taking responsibility for her role in making Michael and the rest of the world think her son was kidnapped. Yes, Jonah, Wiley, I’m not certain of his name to be honest, but she’s causing plenty of people to want her out of town quicker than the count of three.

A war is brewing for custody of the child and to be honest how a judge would grant Nelle custody considering all the heinous things she has committed I have no clue. With that said, Wiley’s heart condition has been a reason for concern, with Nelle refusing to sign off on the surgery has left Michael wanting to unleash fury, but he knows that’s dangerous. Thankfully, we have Carly there to pick up that madness. Love her or hate her, the one thing that makes Carly such an iconic character is her penance for not suffering fools.

She will call a person out on their antics quicker than you can imagine and she’ll go toe-to-toe with people no matter what. Carly wanted those papers signed and Nelle refused. So what did Carly do? She locked her on the rooftop and forged those papers. I love it, Nelle can claim all that Carly did, but in the long run, who will believe her? Once a liar always a liar Nelle, but this just furthers the war between the two enemies.

This brings us to a new development: Nina Reeves is getting in on the take Nelle down plot. How so? She offered Nelle a job with the ruse that she plans to expose Nelle for all her dirty shenanigans. One might think why is this pertinent? Well up to this point, Nina has been MIA on this battle. That was until Willow came to her begging for Nina’s help to expose Nelle. Now I will admit I’ve been livid that the audience is still waiting to learn who is Nina’s biological daughter? We know it’s not Sasha, but whoever it is has the other half of that pendant heart.

Once we see who has it all will be clear. So at this point, it means two people are at the top of the list if you ask me: Willow or Nelle. I always suspected Willow to be adopted and with Harmony indulging in some dirty dealings, it seems apparent that her demise is soon coming and a long lost secret could come to light. However, an even more interesting development would be if Nelle, the vixen who has no limits turned out to be Nina’s daughter. I mean can you imagine that? Nina would want to do all to protect her daughter, Carly would want to take her down and Nina is dating Jax. The fireworks that could come would be epic people and I’m all for it.

To one family crisis to another, Spinelli is still working to get the goods on Peter as he does not trust him around his daughter Georgie. Maxie is out of a job as a result of jumping the gun way too earlier and it seems Anna is certain Peter is not guilty, even though something in the back of her mind screams otherwise. The fallout is coming, fans just have to be patience as Peter’s downfall is imminent, and Anna, Finn, Maxie, Jason, Sam and the rest of Port Charles will be floored by the result including Britt.

Britt has acclimated herself quite well since her return. She doesn’t believe her mother’s innocence, but I’m not sure if that is a ruse or what. She has been having ‘fun’ with Julian, while also teasing something with her interaction with Neil. Does she know him from her past people? It certainly seems so, and remember Anna is not fond of Britt for her role in her devious schemes that hurt Robin and Patrick’s love affair. Too bad we won’t be seeing those characters anytime soon America.

We started the conversation talking about Michael and Nelle and it looks like the possibility of Michael and Willow getting married as a result of protecting Wiley might be gaining more steam. As I stated, I can see a Sasha and Chase hookup as a result of heartache or a night of drinking that pushes Willow and Michael together as a result. I mean this Nelle situation could easily be handled by Sonny or Jason, but Michael doesn’t want that. I mean you have two people who are known to make people disappear, use it to your advantage to eliminate a major threat pal.

Alexis is back to drinking as she is torn over her tryst with Neil, but Julian is livid to see his former flame fall off the wagon, and we all know Britt knows Neil, so things have just heightened in terms of the stress level. Things are starting to move along on “GH” people, and with April in full force, the drama will continue to intensify as we reach May sweeps.