UNITED STATES—I was never a fan of racing video games as a child. Why? I just happened to be very bad at them. I could never be victorious for one reason or another. However, I do remember one racing game on the NES gaming system called “Excitebike.” Yeah, the name alone is quirky, but it is not about cars racing, it is about bike racing and it is so much fun.

Why? You have various levels all challenges in their own right and in this odd way it teaches you a bit about the gas and the brake when it comes to any motorized vehicle. You have to be aware how fast you can go and how to navigate tricky terrain. What is that tricky terrain that I’m referring to? Um those peak hills and jumps that you have to navigate on each stage.

Some hills you can move through with ease, others not so much and you learn that with difficulty in each stage. There is also that competitive edge that you have to balance as well, trying to outwit competitors who are doing their best to ensure that you come into last place. The bad element is if you crash you die and you are forced to start over, putting you at a disadvantage from the other races. There is also that issue of going too fast and your bike overheating and you being forced to pause to cool the vehicle down.

“Excitebike” tests you in a bevy of ways and that is what I enjoy so much about this classic, it’s pure nostalgia, but also educates you a bit on the ins-and-outs of the mechanics of an actual vehicle people. This game was all about Motocross racing before all the shenanigans you see today. There is also that fun opportunity to compete solo if you choose to as a way to develop your skills or battle the computer, which is ALWAYS a challenge in any video game if you ask me.

There is also a nifty tool that allows you to develop your own tracks people, giving you the opportunity to test how fast you can go with certain obstacles and how you navigate thru those obstacles so that you don’t overheat or crash and burn. The best thing about the game is that anyone can play it, young, middle-aged, adults; even the elderly will have fun challenging the computer or loved ones.

Written By Davy Jones