BEVERLY HILLS—On Tuesday, July 21, The Beverly Hills Land Company informed the public about its plan to build new offices on a plot of land between Civic Center Drive and Beverly Boulevard. The project aims to build 11 office buildings, which will take about 114,00 square feet, along with a basement park for vehicles.

Beverly Hills street

The Beverly Hills Land Company is currently working on a construction plan to create The Beverly Hills Creative Offices (BHCO) in Beverly Hills, at the address of 9220 N. Santa Monica Boulevard. 90 residents and city officials have attended an online neighborhood meeting on July 13 to discuss this project. Andy Cohen, one of the CEOs at the architecture firm Gensler is the architect of the construction plan.

The office space will be contained within 11 jewel buildings, with a courtyard with lush greenery between each. The project will prioritize the environment by reducing energy use and carbon footprint to achieve a LEED Gold status.

Other issues such as zoning, traffic, and the impact of the construction on the rest of the city were also discussed during the virtual meeting.

The land was previously labeled with the zone T-1, which only accommodates railways and surface parking. The area has remained vacant since 1970s. This has, however, changed with the BHCO project. They have already requested to change the T-zone to C3, since it aims to build offices. The construction plan is still premature, as the leaders of the project say that it will not begin until 2022.