SANTA MONICA —On November 24, Santa Monica city council held a meeting that gave updates on Santa Monica’s water and wastewater capital facility fees for building structures that are newly developed or need to be redeveloped. Throughout the process will call for an increase in sites water demand and/ or wastewater discharge.

The city of Santa Monicas current water and wastewater fees have not been updated since 2008. The process of updating the existing fees will bring Santa Monica up to date with capital facility fees of neighboring utilities.

The capital facility fee is a one time payment due at the time of development or redevelopment of a property, when there’s a change in water system demand and or wastewater discharge. The capital facility fees are determined based on the water meter size, and the fee only comes into effect when the customer request a new or bigger water meter than what is provided within existing location.

As far as the wastewater facility fee is operating on the business usage or residential property’s impact on wastewater system.

Residents will not be affected unless there’s been a dramatic affect within home size, example relocating from a two bedroom property to a four bedroom property.

Similar to the wastewater facility fee will only witness change if existing or new business increase existing wastewater usage within property.

The new fees go as followed ………….

Water Capital Facility Fee

Water Meter Size Capital Facility Fee
3/4 inch $                 8,429.00
1 inch $                 8,429.00
1.5 inch $               16,858.00
2 inch $               26,973.00
3 inch $               53,947.00
4 inch $               84,292.00
6 inch $             168,584.00
8 inch $             472,036.00
10 inch $             741,771.00


Wastewater Capital Facility Fee

Single Family Residential Fee
New Construction (1 Bedroom) $2,793.01
New Construction (2 Bedroom) $3,690.77
New Construction (3 Bedroom) $4,588.52
New Construction (>3 bedrooms) TBD at Plan Check
Add 1 Bedroom to Existing Structure $897.75
Add 2 Bedroom to Existing Structure $1,795.51
Add 3 Bedroom to Existing Structure $2,693.26
Add ≥ 4 Bedrooms to Existing Structure TBD at Plan Check
Multi-Family Residential
Each Additional 1 Bedroom Unit $2,194.51
Each Additional 2 Bedroom Unit $2,992.51
Each Additional 3 Bedroom Unit $3,790.52
Commercial/Industrial $997.50 Per 1000 Sq. Ft.
Hotel/Motel $2,394.01 Per unit
Laundromats $4,739.63 Per washing machine
Restaurant – Sit Down (Full Service) $1,071.97 Per Seat
Restaurant – Sit Down (Fast Food) $893.31 Per Seat
Restaurant – Carry Out $10,719.66 Per 1000 Sq. Ft.
Storage $598.50 Per 1000 Sq. Ft.
Office Building $3,391.51 Per 1000 Sq. Ft.
Retail Store $997.50 Per 1000 Sq. Ft.
Wastewater Capital Facility Fee Calculation Factor
Capital Facility Fee $4,589.00 Per EDU


The capital facility fees are being updated to be compliant with the newly adopted water and wastewater rates, which was approved this year in January.

“ The City was mindful of the economic climate and impacts on local businesses. The new facility fees do not impact existing businesses, including those who have expanded their footprint to accommodate outdoor dining during the pandemic. Outdoor dining permits remain available at no cost as part of the City’s commitment to economic recovery and supporting local business owners” stated in press release.

The new fees will not take effect until March 1,2021. For water account holders with questions or concerns are advised to reach out to directly.

Canyon News has reached out to city council members but no comment has been made before publishing.