HOLLYWOOD—It seemed like for weeks Nikki Newman was on the verge of a breaking point on “The Young and Restless.” With Victor taking all the heat for murdering J.T. Hellstrom, Rey and Christine were ready to make the arrest, but Nikki halted them in their tracks. She decided to confess to killing J.T. against Michael, Victor, Victoria and Nick’s wishes. Too late, the cat is out of the bag.

Nikki, what the hell are you doing? You’re about to place Victoria, Sharon and Phyllis in hot water as well. She was taunting Rey who was taking the bait. This will only force her to spill the others role in the cover-up, not to mention having to explain how she killed him and where is the body. Ugh, I’m starting to suspect that J.T. might actually believe alive again because how else will Nikki be able to escape this twisted web without revealing J.T. to be very much alive in the flesh.

Nikki was arrested and cue the cat-and-mouse game to outwit the authorities in light of this bombshell. Christine already wants to nail her for causing that accident that led to the death of her child, and Rey already suspected when her first came to town that Sharon, Victoria, Phyllis and Nikki were involved somehow in J.T.’s disappearance. She told almost 75 percent the truth, but fibbed the other 25 percent, which worried Nick, Vikki and Victor who would need to get their stories aligned. Phyllis is spiraling and making threats to pin the crime on others to cover her tracks, Sharon, Mariah and Victoria are on edge and not in the best way.

The Kyle and Lola situation has taken a turn for the worst. In a public spat, it was revealed to Mariah, Tessa, Summer and Fen that Lola and Kyle have not had sex. The two got into a huge argument, where it became clear that major fractures are evident and Summer might have her opening. Summer is using Fen to make Kyle jealous and Fen is using Summer in an attempt to make Lola jealous.

Fen is indeed smitten with Summer, too bad he can’t see she has NO INTEREST in him whatsoever. Jeez, this girl is desperate beyond desperate. She nearly cost Fen his rising music career, thankfully, Ana convinced Devon to give Fen one more shot. Kyle just can’t keep himself away Summer, who is constantly inserting herself to be a shoulder to lean on for Kyle. It looks like temptation is about to bite Kyle in the butt in a major way, because Lola severed ties with her boyfriend, which gave summer her opening to visit Kyle at the Abbott who was drowning his sorrows with alcohol.

After a conversation with Mariah, Lola realized she placed too much pressure on Kyle and after speaking to Jack she wanted to make an amends by surprising Kyle at the cabin. Lola was surprised alright after she walked in on Summer and Kyle committing the deed. Well, it looks like this relationship is kaput people; at least for now, but cue the expected, as I see this coming Lola will get into a car crash leading to conflict between the Rosales and Abbott families.

Just when things are looking great for Mia and Rey, her jealously is derailing things because she attacked Abby and the truth about her tryst with Arturo came to light, and Rey witnessed his wife’s jealous side. In the middle of lovemaking, she shouted Arturo’s name, which left Rey livid! At long last, Rey and Sharon confessed their feelings for one another, and considering they’ve been dancing around things for weeks, it was long overdue.

Now that we’ve gotten the romance side of things taken care of, I’m eager for this reveal. Who is the person torturing Phyllis, Nikki, Sharon, Victoria and the Newman family. Oh, this reveal better be a jaw-dropper America.