HOLLYWOOD—You’d think the big reveal by Ava to Sonny that she killed Nikolas Cassadine would have enraged him on “General Hospital”. Well, you would be wrong. Instead, Sonny has implemented a plan to locate Nikolas to lessen the leverage that Mason, Betty (the new nanny) and Austin has. Yes, Sonny is completely aware that Austin’s family has sinister ties that he never expected, especially after Gordon, that guy who threated Austin showed up dead in an alley near GH.

Dex was questioned by Chase per usual, and can I just say, Chase is written as a good guy that just annoys the hell out of you. He tries so much to do everything by the book, and the writers have crafted this character as slightly robotic in a way that makes him annoying. His relationship with Brook Lynn is great, his role as a cop, not so much because he’s missing that edge that most cops tend to have on TV. I will be honest; the writers have done a solid job at masking the fact that Dex was working to take down Sonny with Michael and Josslyn.

However, I feel the other shoe is going to drop at some point, I just wonder when and how? Back to Nikolas because the search to find him is intensifying, as Sonny wants to find Cassadine to lessen the leverage Mason has on Ava, before he ultimately takes Mason out. That means using Brick to have Austin and Mason tailed. Yeah, when you cross a mobster, you can expect some major fireworks. That nanny might think she is on cloud nine, but she needs to be careful because she has no idea that she’s already been exposed.

Laura, Valentin and Kevin’s search for Nikolas in Europe didn’t deliver any results. Here is the problem; if Ava would just disclose the truth, it would be easier for people to discover that NOT only is Nikolas alive, but where he is being held. Valentin found himself back in Port Charles, after Laura noted he was needed back at home for Charlotte and Anna. Speaking of Anna, she has pinpointed that bullet at the Metro Court was intended for her, is perhaps the result of the WSB and its association with Pikeman.

Hmm, that is interesting, but I’m not 100 percent certain who could be the guilty party here. Could Alex, Anna’s twin sister be very much alive? It is possible and that would be quite the stunner if it was the case. All I’m saying is the writers better not disappoint with this reveal, because I am invested in this narrative and I want to see how it unfolds, especially after Valentin confirmed that he had ties to Pikeman and the WSB. That enraged Anna, and this narrative is deepening to a point that it has me hooked. I’m eager to find out the face behind the threat, especially since we know Mason’s boss is a female, but we have yet to see her face. Adding another dimension to the mix is that Cyrus knows Austin’s family and that made him very, I mean very nervous. Intrigued, I am America.

The claws are out between Kristina and Josslyn and let me say I’m happy to see it. Josslyn needs to be knocked off her high and mighty horse and Kristina is one who doesn’t hold or bite her tongue for anyone, which explains why she is constantly rubbing Molly the wrong way. Molly has been stressed and the hunt for a surrogate begins. Yes, Molly and TJ are planning to use a surrogate to have a kid after her health crisis. Kristina’s flippant attitude almost torpedoed Molly and TJ’s visit with the person helping them start the journey.

Trina and Portia are receiving the cold shoulder from Curtis who is coming to grips that his legs are paralyzed and he might not walk again. It is taking a toll on Trina who is trying to bond with Curtis after the recent biological tie and Portia is not ready to give up on the man that she loves. Do I care about this narrative? Not really, because I feel it needs just a touch more meat to the storyline to reel me in. Finn and Liz are still building back to the relationship they had before her lies caused things to crash and burn.

Let’s talk about the story that is building to a major reveal and a major downfall, Gladys Corbin. Gladys has truly dug herself in a hole that she will NOT be able to dig out of involving Sasha. If taking her money from her conservatorship wasn’t one thing, having her be placed on drugs causing her to hallucinate was worse. Why? She stabbed Cody Bell and has been committed to Ferncliff, where she’s being drugged by Dr. Montague. Yeah, Sasha realized all was well until the doctor prescribed new drugs and then he drugged her to prevent the truth from coming out.

Gladys is doing all to prevent people from seeing Sasha including Maxie, but that only raises red flags as Cody and Sam are becoming more aware that Gladys is up to something. Sam started to ask the right questions, just as Cody made it a mission of his to get inside Ferncliff to see Sasha. Yeah, if you’re trying to prevent something it only causes people to question what you’re up. Cody, with the help of Brook Lynn infiltrated Ferncliff and saw Sasha, who spiraled, screaming, and literally was terrified of Cody.

That is a result of the drugs she has been given by that doctor, which is only sending bigger flags to Cody, Sam and now Brook Lynn. Gladys you better be prepared to have the wolves come after you in full force when the truth comes out, because I fear not only will you be hated, but I sense a potential murder mystery unfolding.