HOLLYWOOD—I cannot recall the last time I was so overwhelmed with wedding or marriage talk on a soap opera than in the past week and a half on “Days of Our Lives”. I mean we had the double wedding between Gabi and Stefan, which I was happy to see no secrets there, but then we had nuptials between Gwen and Dimitri, where 2 massive secrets are being kept. Dimitri is NOT in love with Gwen, he just married her to gain his inheritance, but has to stay tied to her for at least 1 year.

That is not the biggest bomb, it’s the fact that Dimitri has been sleeping with Gwen’s bestie, Leo, behind her back. So, I know the question everyone is asking is Dimitri is gay? I think the answer to that question is yes. He has a lust and yearning for Leo that is more than him just trying to keep Leo quiet. There is much more going on there and least you have a soap opera like “DOOL” not afraid to tiptoe into that territory. Gwen should spot all the red flags because they are staring her right in the face. She caught Leo and Dimitri in more than one compromising and suspicious situation, but she’s turning a blind eye to ensure her happiness.

The couple has jetted off to Iceland for their honeymoon but guess who else will be tagging along, Leo. Yeah, this is about to get massively messy. No one knows this secret besides Kristen and Rachel, but Tripp also connected the dots this week, when a drunken Leo awoke in his Salem Inn bed. Nothing transpired, but if Tripp can connect the dots so easily, why can’t anyone else.

The marriage melee continues as Eric proposed to Sloan, who said yes, and EJ proposed to Nicole who also said yes. What’s the problem here? Sloan’s big secret was confirmed that Eric is INDEED the father of Nicole’s baby, which she swapped the results to hide the truth. Just one slight problem, Melinda knows that secret. She has promised to keep Sloan’s secret, and even though she is pregnant with Eric’s baby number two (yeah, Eric is about to be a father two times over), the truth is bound to come out.

Eric and Nicole will be livid by the duplicity, but it’s EJ she has to worry about. That is a DiMera who doesn’t like to be played for a fool and he will be out for blood people, and I worry what he might do to Sloan. In other potential marriage news, Xander proposed to Chloe after dating for a few weeks. I was going to scream if she said yes, luckily Chloe said no. She’s no dummy and she is aware that Xander still has feelings for Sarah. Chloe might be pulled back to Brady after he packed a whopper of a kiss on her.

Go for it Brady, you and Chloe belong together, and I rather see her with you versus Xander. Brady is going through it after a clueless judge decided to give full custody of Rachel to Kristen, after he threatened her with a gun. Only in a soap world can a person as wicked, evil and devious as Kristen be rewarded for bad behavior. At least Belle dropped a bit of truth to Kristen that she may have won the battle, but she indeed lost the war.

I want to return to Xander because Maggie knows a secret that is a game changer. Sarah is pregnant with his baby. Maggie was stunned by the reveal and urged her daughter to spill the truth. Sarah was against it, which prompted Rex to ask Sarah to marry him so they can pass the baby off as his. Like this soap opera needs to be changed to “Marriage of Our Lives” because the proposals are coming at a feverish pace.

Abe is back home, but his memory is still fraught as Paulina, Theo and Chanel attempt to help him recall his life. I’m sorry, bored with this tale. Chanel and Johnny are getting a bit closer, but it seems like Chanel might not be interested in rekindling a relationship with her former hubby. Chad gave Alex the cold hard truth about interfering with his relationship with Stephanie. Alex was bummed, but something tells me Stephanie will not be pleased with Chad’s behavior. Stephanie was drawn to him because of his soft heart, if she sees that DiMera side start to emerge that is going to give Alex an opportunity to rekindle that romance.

In another head spinner event, the interim Mayor Clint Rawlings decided Shawn Brady should be the new Police Commissioner. What? This guy was just suspended for drinking on the job, and you think he should be leading a police department? Does that make sense? It doesn’t.

The other narrative worth watching is “DOOL” plan to bid adieu to the iconic character Victor Kiriakis, who is going to die in a plane crash. I would have preferred not to see such from iconic actor John Aniston, who FYI is the father of “Friends” actress Jennifer Aniston. I think the writers could have come up with a better way to send the character off, after Aniston died earlier this year. The news is about to devastate Maggie, Justin, Xander, Brady, Shawn and so many more in Salem.