HOLLYWOOD─So at last it looks like we finally have an answer, we finally know (at least all signs seem to point to it), who Nina Reeves daughter is on “General Hospital.” Do you remember that half-necklace that Madeline gave Nina? Well it looks like the other half was in the possession of who would have guessed it, Nelle Benson. Yes, that is right Nelle is in possession of the other half of the necklace, which means all signs point to Nelle being Nina’s long-lost daughter.

Is this twisted? Without a doubt because it totally changes the entire playing field if you ask me. For months, I was certain and I mean certain that Willow was Nina’s long-lost daughter. The way the writer’s built the tension and utter distaste between these two characters would make perfect sense right? However, with Nelle having that necklace one has to believe she’s Nina’s daughter and if she isn’t it absolutely changes everything fans have come to expect, which would be a welcome surprise.

Nelle has the entire town against her, and she recently had a heart-to-heart with Carly that really showed some vulnerability to the character audiences have yet to see. Nina is certain she has Nelle under her thumb, but that will all change when she discovers that necklace. I mean the daughter she has been longing for is right under her nose, not to mention, she could be a grandmother, that will totally shake Nina’s world

On top of that, it would mean Silas was Nelle’s father, making Kiki her half-sister. Yeah, the family tree just gets more complicated people. Imagine Jax and Carly knowing they have to deal with Nelle ala Nina, which means Obrecht (who happens to know that Nelle gave that baby to Brad) is Nelle’s aunt. Willow, Chase, Sasha, Michael and even Valentin, who is hoping to win Nina back would be floored by this revelation. Fingers crosses if this turns out to be true, it’s revealed by May sweeps because this secret has been dragged way and I mean way too long for my liking.

There is other Port Charles drama as Cyrus has garnered his freedom; it’s just a question of who will take him out first. Will it be Jordan, Curtis, Jason, Sonny or someone else roaming in PC with a score to settle? TJ was returned to his family, bruised and battered, but alive. Too bad no one disclosed the truth to Molly before she slept with Brando. Yeah, Molly (of all people cheated on TJ), I must say this is a fascinating twist for the character.

In other PC news, it looks like Kathleen Gati is off the canvas as Dr. Liesl Obrecht, but that doesn’t mean Robert, Sam, Jason or Spinelli will stop their pursuit of proving that Peter was the one that framed her, killed Drew and tried to murder Franco and Dr. Andre Maddox. Anna wants Robert to let it go, but that WSB agent know Peter is the culprit and is slowly giving Peter the benefit of the doubt so when he slips he’ll catch him red-handed.

I mean Peter has a lot of people fooled especially Anna and Maxie, and as Liesl stated she will get justice, but this worries me, audiences will not see Peter get his comeuppance during May sweeps, it might be more like November sweeps, which is another 6 months. Jeez why do soaps drag their storylines much longer than they have to?

It has been teased and it certainly is starting to looks like Chase and Sasha will give Michael and Willow their blessing to marry to deliver a fatal blow to Nelle and her chances to win custody of Wiley. Valentin is still planning his takeover of ELQ, but this will only prove to Nina and all those who he thinks he has fooled that he is the same ole guy underneath the façade.