BEVERLY HILLS—A Beverly Hills city commission has confirmed the inconsistent efforts of five charitable organizations that have failed to meet the city’s criteria for non-profit fundraising.

Many people as well as organizations from across the region visit the city throughout the year for a variety of charitable causes. Aside from being a prominent tourist attraction, Beverly Hills has been a host for countless non-profit organizations who come through the city as well. While a vast majority of these non-profits consistently fulfill the city’s fundraising criteria, there is a small percentage that do not meet its requirements.

In this case, the Advertising Industry Emergency Fund, California Society of CPAs, Beverly Hills Bar Association, Woodbury University and the Los Angeles County Police Canine Association have all violated the city’s 50 percent rule for non-profits. The rule generically states that all non-profit organizations are expected to document and donate at least half of their total proceeds to its respective charities and according to the Charitable Solicitations Commission, all five agencies have failed repeatedly to record their net proceeds of the minimum 50 percent requirement. “They are wonderful organizations, but they have been reminded of this in the past so it was important to the city commission to alert the community; especially to those who have given their contributions to these [particular] charities,” said Cheryl Burnett of the Beverly Hill’s council.

No disciplinary actions will be executed according to Burnett; however, as a result of the issue, citizen awareness has become the city commission’s main priority.