HOLLYWOOD—If you thought Sheila Carter would become a changed woman after getting yet another get out of jail card, think again “The Bold and Beautiful” viewers. Why? The audience still doesn’t know exactly what went down with Bill Spencer and Sheila Carter during that encounter Bill has hinted about, but I have some theories that I will share later. But first, let’s chat about Sheila’s grip on Bill. Steffy and Taylor pleaded their case to no success, Wyatt and Liam pleaded their case to no success, Katie pleaded her case to no success, Brooke pleaded her case, had no success, but gained plenty of traction, Katie tried a second time and had some more traction that saw that wicked Sheila return to her old ways. She’s nervous people.

Small digress, the scenes between Katherine Kelly-Lang, Don Diamont and Kimberlin Brown, fantastic acting, especially from Katherine. That is Emmy contention material in my personal opinion people. Brooke got Bill to speak for once, just as Katie finally got Bill to speak as she ushered her ex to see the light. Katie’s potential promise of Bill reuniting with her if he were to turn Sheila in totally opened Bill’s eyes a bit and scared Sheila to the core.

Sheila when she is cornered or thinking that she is losing her grip will do wild things. How about issuing a threat that scared Katie to the core? Yeah, Sheila made that happen this week, and Carter came to Katie’s aid as her new love interest. Could I see Katie possibly using the ‘promise’ of reuniting with Bill to neutralize Sheila? Yes, but Katie’s heart is too good to dangle Carter and break his heart in the process so I don’t see that happening. However, Brooke on the other hand I can see tempting and luring Bill back into her orbit with their torrid love affair. Sheila will see both Katie and Brooke as threats to her freedom and can easily lead to unhinged villainess returning to the foray people.

I like to see Sheila manipulating and up to her wicked past deeds. The problem is she is going to be watched like a hawk people. Deacon who was smitten with Sheila at one point, seems to be jealous that she is now with Bill and I wonder could a new love triangle be brewing? We’re going to return to Sheila in a moment because I want to chat about Thomas and Paris. Thomas has been MIA since he was ousted at Forrester Creations for his shenanigans involving Child Protective Services.

Seeing him stay in Paris’ apartment took me by storm. Are these two an item? No, but it certainly is starting to look that way. I thought a Zende and Paris entanglement was possible, but it seems that ship has sailed and Thomas might have Paris on his eyes, it would be a welcome change from his obsession with Hope Logan. Hope’s fashion line is in the dumpster right now, with the latest reviews not being stellar, so Thomas returning as designer is a possibility. Something Thomas is pushing for, but Steffy is against, because she believes her brother needs some tough love. I’m in agreement, but Hope is so worried about her fashion line, she is considering Thomas returning to the company.

Are we likely to see it? Yes, but I would argue, him working from home and not being invited back to FC anytime soon is perhaps for the best people. Thomas is not going to learn if he doesn’t suffer the consequences to some degree. We’ll see how this plays out, because Hope might be all for Thomas’ return, but I’m not so sure about everyone else at the company.

Let’s return to Sheila Carter, because I suspect Bill is being blackmailed by Sheila. Why? Out of nowhere, Liam and Hope have a conversation about that night that Bill was shot in the back and Liam touting he thought he was responsible for putting that bullet into his father, and if Taylor didn’t confess he thought he would still be culpable. The writers didn’t just bring this up for nothing, but something tells me Liam may have been the real shooter. Taylor may have fired at Bill, but her bullet probably missed and Liam’s bullet actually struck the target.

This would absolutely explain why Bill is willing to throw away everything for Sheila, to protect Liam. How Sheila discovered this information, I have no idea, but I sense this is the bomb the writers are planning to reveal to viewers during February Sweeps and I would be open for it. Why? Sheila will have leverage, but it would explain Bill’s stunning turn of events, just as Steffy and Finn aim to protect their family at all costs people. Finn is not playing around, Sheila has no chance at a reunion, and that might push her to do something that proves to Finn his biological mother will never change. Sweeps are underway so I am expecting a big twist real soon “B&B” fans.