HOLLYWOOD—Only Adele, can pull off “One Night Only,” on November 14.  Only a handful of singers can make you feel music in a way you didn’t realize you’d been missing-until you hear them again. Someone like Barbra Streisand, Whitney Houston, and now someone like Adele. The 15-time Grammy winner was a hit in the CBS concert special pre-taped at the Griffith Observatory with the Hollywood sign in the backdrop-six years after she released “25” and five days before she releases its much-anticipated follow-up, “30” on Friday, November 19.

It was a star-studded audience from Leonardo DiCaprio and Drake, to James Corden and Melissa McCarthy. Adele, who is now 33, received a standing ovation after standing ovation with her unique voice. Looking stunning in a sparkly, form-fitting black gown, that showed off her 100-pound weight loss while still looking classic, typical Adele fashion. She opened the concert with “Hello,” a song she told Oprah Winfrey, will have to be the song she will begin every show for the rest of her life.

One thing for sure, her weight-loss did not affect her vocal power. The Oprah interview interspersed between numbers, however, Adele did peek into “30” by debuting some material from her new album. During the show, the star even helped a local man propose to his girlfriend, Ashley-serenading the couple with “Make You Feel My Love” after the stunned bride-to-be said “yes” and burst into tears.

According to published reports, Adele laughed. She didn’t know who she was going to sing the song to next, if she didn’t say yes. Adele stressed that she still loves Simon Konecki, even if she is not “in love” with him. The couple still live opposite each other in Los Angeles, and continue to co-parent their son, Angelo. She went on to credit Konecki with “saving her life” after she became famous.

Adele can’t explain where her music comes from. Songs like “Hello” and “Someone Like You” have touched millions of people, but Adele confessed the power of her music is a mystery to her. She wants her music to help people, to remind them that they’re not alone. The singer also told Oprah that the “biggest wound” she suffered as a child was the absolute lack of presence and effort from her father, Marc Evans.

They were estranged for many years, father and daughter reconciled over the last three years, after Evans became seriously ill. During that time, he confessed he only ever listened to her first song, “Hometown Glory.” Adele wanted to play him one of her new songs, “To Be Loved,” which expressed how his absence had affected her ability to trust other people. She managed to play him all of her new album over Zoom, shortly before he died in April.

Adele’s appearance over the last two years has been the subject of much speculation, after she lost about 100 pounds in a new exercise regime. She said, that the transformation was mainly about controlling her anxiety. After noticing that her anxiety eased at the gym, she began to go every day. That really helped Adele, get her mind right.

During the concert, Adele premiered three new songs from her forthcoming album, which include “I Drink Wine” and “Love Is A Game and Hold On.” Adele’s son thinks Taylor Swift is the bigger star. When Adele took her son to see Taylor Swift’s “Reputation” stadium tour in 2018, his jaw dropped.

Then six years old, he was so surprised how many people were at the show. Adele took him to her stadium shows for rehearsals and they were empty. Angelo recently saw his mother’s true popularity after her latest video premiered on YouTube, and he was also in attendance on her “One Night Only” concert.

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