LOS FELIZ—On Monday, October 21, it was announced that the AIDS Healthcare Foundation expansion is scheduled to replace the Orchard Supply Hardware store at the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and East Hollywood.

The 38,520 square feet building plans to incorporate a thrift shop, healthcare services, including resources for low income and homeless communities. AHF corporate headquarters will also occupy space at the location.

The OSH closure results after a decrease in sales numbers worldwide. According to reports, in 2018 Orchard Supply Hardware had $600 million which only contributed to a diminutive portion of the $68.6 billion in total sales. That is significantly less than what Lowe’s, its parent company earned. 

The AHF purchased several hotels and motels across Los Angeles including the 204 unit Baltimore Hotel for $20 million in downtown. The Sunset 8 Motel, a 27-room unit for $4.6 million on Wilcox on Sunset Boulevard; the Madison Hotel, a 202-room building on Seventh Street near San Julian, and the King Edward Hotel with a total of 150 rooms.

The aim of purchasing several properties contributes to providing affordable housing for homeless and low income families in Los Angeles cities and counties.