HOLLYWOOD—It was definitely Halloween at the box-office as two thrillers went toe-to-toe for the top spot with moviegoers. In one corner there was last week’s champion “Ouija,” a thriller about a game board, and in the other corner “Nightcrawler,” a frenetic thriller about the world of journalism starring Oscar-nominee Jake Gyllenhaal. So who came out on top? Well predictions Sunday had “Nightcrawler” on top, but Monday’s numbers showed that “Ouija” won by a hair.

The thriller which pulled in $20 million last week, added another $10.7 million to its tally. Not far behind was “Nightcrawler” with $10.4 million. Landing in the #3 spot was the war flick “Fury” with about $9 million. After about three weeks in theaters, the movie has earned over $60 million domestically.

“Gone Girl” could prove to be a competition beast come awards season as its legs at the box-office are quite strong. The thriller added another $8.8 million to its tally.  Rounding out the top five was the animated flick “The Book of Life” which added another $8.3 million to its total.

This weekend ushers in the box-office titans of the awards season as Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated “Interstellar” starring Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain arrives in theaters.