MIAMI—Well they may have had the best record in the East, but they were no match for the two-time defending NBA champs. The Indiana Pacers fell to the Miami Heat 117-92 on their home court. It became apparent after the first half, the Pacers never had a shot of taking Game 6 and surviving to live another day.

The Pacers had a dismal first quarter only scoring 13 points, compared toMiami’s 24 points. Thing didn’t turn around in the second quarter, as Miami closed the first half leading the game with 60 points compared to Indiana’s 34 points.

LeBron James and Chris Bosh led Miami in scoring with 25 points apiece.  His teammates Dwayne Wade and Rashard Lewis both scored 13 points each.  Both teams were fairly close on shooting percentage for three-pointers, but Miamiheld the edge in field goal attempts and free throws. The Heat also dominated the Pacers on rebounds with 37-28.

The Pacers were literally slaughtered with the amount of points in the paint. The team only scored 32 points, compared to Miami who tallied up 50 points. Paul George led the Pacers in scoring with 29 points, while teammate David West scored 16 points and eight rebounds, while Lance Stephenson scored a dismal 11 points.

For the fourth consecutive year, Miami is heading to the NBA finals. This year will be a rematch of last year’s battle between the San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat. The Heat has had their hands gripped around the NBA championship trophy for two years, could this be the year that the Spurs take the throne from the unbeatable Heat as so many call them?