WEST HOLLYWOOD—A water main break near a West Hollywood apartment complex has caused a major flood in the parking garage. This break occurred on 1 a.m. on Tuesday, February 22.

The apartment complex is located in the area of Hacienda Place and Fountain Avenue, just a few blocks away from Sunset Boulevard. The break began at 1 a.m. and crews were able to shut off service about two hours later.

A resident of the complex, Chris Drago, told NBC News in an interview that he was able to take footage of the flood on his cellphone. The footage shows muddy water covering the garage and alarms going off in the background. The water rushed downhill and into the parking garage.

Drago stated that he tried to keep water out of the garage by placing trashcans as barriers, but the water continued into the garage and got as high as 4 inches deep.

Now crews are working on repairing the water main, causing many surrounding neighborhoods to be blocked off. There is not a set date of when this area will be restored.